In this XHTML & CSS3 training course by Jen Schwedler, you'll learn how to build a basic Web site with the functionality of modern Web sites on the Internet.

Length: 2 hours 42 min

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In this XHTML & CSS3 training course, we will learn the fundamentals of both xHTML and CSS3 – the building blocks of Web sites on the Internet.

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A. Getting Started
What you’ll learn in this training
Defining XHTML & CSS

B. XHTML Basics
Setting up a basic XHTML document
Understanding the importance of doctype
Understanding XHTML syntax requirements

C. Creating a Basic Page
Creating leveled headings
Creating paragraphs
Creating ordered and unordered lists
Exploring the proper use of table
Creating a basic table, thead, th elements
Creating a basic table tbody, tr, td and tfoot elements
Defining Absolute vs. Relative links
Creating email links
Adding Images

D. Creating a Basic Layout
Understanding block-level and inline elements
Using the div element
Using the span element
Using the table element for layout
Creating navigation

E. Forms
Setting up a basic form
Creating a text field
Creating check box and radio fields
Creating a drop-down list
Creating form submission buttons
Creating labels and organizing a form

F. CSS Basics
Exploring CSS3 Syntax
Adding a rule to an element
Exploring IDs and Classes
Adding a rule to a class
Adding a rule to an ID
Using Pseudo Classes
Using inline styles
Using embedded styles
Creating and linking external style sheets
Understanding the cascade
Understanding inheritance and specificity

G. CSS Layout
Using default position
Exploring the box model
Using Relative positioning
Using Absolute positioning
Using Float for positioning
Creating a basic two column layout without tables
Adding margin to an element
Adding padding to a layout
Positioning navigation

H. CSS Formatting
Commenting your style sheet
Styling text: font size, font weight, and font style
Exploring Font family and @ font-face
Styling text
Styling lists
Styling tables
Working with images
Creating basic borders
Working with border radius
Styling links to make beautiful buttons
Styling backgrounds with color and images
Styling forms

I. Adding JavaScript and Media Content
Using embedded and external JavaScript
Adding flash with JavaScript and object element
Adding content with iframe