WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)


Total Run Time: 6 hrs

Take a guided tour of Microsoft's newest UI (user interface) platform, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) in this video series. Instructed by Robby Ingebretsen, you will learn invaluable tips and techniques for building amazing applications and user experiences.


  1. Learn how to create and compile a WPF project.
  2. Understand data binding and the best practices for when to create bindings.
  3. Explore WPF controls such as Framework Element, Content Controls, Items Controls, and RangeBase Controls.
  4. Find out how to use XAML and Blend to create styles and effects.
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Ideal for developers and creative professionals, this training series plunges into fundamental principles including XAML, layout, controls, data binding, styles, templates, graphics, animation, and much more.

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Course Outline

Chapter 1: GETTING STARTED WITH WPF (22 min)

  1. WPF Related Applications & Tools
  2. Starting a WPF Project
  3. Understanding XAML
  4. Using IntelliSense to Add Attributes
  5. Adding Elements to the Application
  6. Using Code Behind
Chapter 2: LAYOUT BASICS (44 min)

  1. Understanding the Element Tree
  2. Introducing XamlPad
  3. Using the Canvas Panel
  4. Using the StackPanel
  5. Using the WrapPanel
  6. Working with the Margin Property
  7. Using the GridPanel
  8. Defining Rows & Columns
  9. Assigning Objects to Columns
  10. Defining Column Widths
  11. Using the Grid Splitter
  12. Applying a Layout to the Media Player

  1. Working with a Border
  2. Using an Image
  3. Using a Text Block
  4. Understanding Controls & Buttons
  5. Using the Scroll Viewer & Tool Tips
  6. Understanding Item Controls & List Boxes
  7. Using Tab Control
  8. Working with a Menu
  9. Using a Range Base
  10. Adding Controls to the Music Player
  11. Becoming Familiar with Rich Content
  12. Using the XAML Clipboard
  13. Using Embedded Fonts
Chapter 4: DATABINDING & RESOURCES (36 min)

  1. Getting Started with Databinding
  2. Adding References
  3. Understanding Resources
  4. Databinding to Collections
  5. Using Data Templates
  6. Databinding to Other Elements
  7. Using the Content Template Property
  8. Using Value Converters
  9. Using TwoWay Binding

  1. Introducing Control Templates
  2. Creating a Basic Button Template
  3. Using Triggers
  4. Understanding Template Binding
  5. Using Styles
  6. Working with Control Templates
  7. Using Templates in the Music Player
  8. Merging a Scrollbar into the Music Player

  1. Creating a Volume Control Icon
  2. Understanding Brush Type & Resource
  3. Using a Gradient Brush
  4. Adding an Opacity Mask to a Brush
  5. Transforming Objects
  6. Using Bitmap Effects
  7. Understanding Storyboard & Animation
  8. Adding Animation to a Control Template

  1. Creating a Shiny Button
  2. Refining a Shiny Button
  3. Creating a Button Border
  4. Creating a Pressed Effect
  5. Creating a Glow Effect
  6. Final Comments & Credits

Presenter Info

Robby IngebretsenRobby Ingebretsen has over 5 years of experience with WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), a rare feat for a technology that is barely a year old! He garnered that experience as an original member of the WPF team at Microsoft where he was responsible for the group that created the WPF control library. During that time, Robby was also deeply involved in efforts to teach early adopters how to use the platform.

Today, Robby is the Director of Creative Development for IdentityMine. In this role, he has actively been putting WPF to work in real world projects and scenarios and has played a major part in creating IdentityMine’s instructor-lead training curriculum.

Robby is an industry recognized expert speaker on WPF and has a very popular blog at www.notstatic.com. He is also the author of the well known SimpleStyles and the XAML editing tool, Kaxaml. Robby lives in the Seattle area with his wife and two sons.