WordPress Essentials for Business

WordPress Essentials for Business


Total Run Time: 1.5 hrs

WordPress Essentials for Business is a brief, yet thorough overview of using WordPress to create a business website. It is designed for busy small-business owners and self-employed professionals who want to quickly master the WordPress software for the purpose of creating an attractive website that generates leads and sales.


  1. Image cropping and resizing tools that have been available since WordPress 3.5 only
  2. Custom Menu Widget which has replaced the Links widget since WP 3.5
  3. How to use commercial plugins (and when you would need one)
  4. How to setup multiple blog pages on a single site
  5. WordPress security fundamentals (avoid getting hacked)

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This course covers nearly all of the WordPress user interface. We learn by doing as we build out an actual website for a client of ours, explaining and demonstrating key concepts along the way, such as themes, plugins, widgets, images, and more.

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Course Outline


  1. WordPress: What & Why
  2. WordPress.org or WordPress.com?
  3. What You Will Need
Chapter 2: HOSTING WORDPRESS (10 min)

  1. Understanding Domain, Hosting, & Name Servers
  2. Choosing a Domain Registrar & Hosting Company
  3. Installing WordPress on Your Domain

  1. Tour of an Out-of-the-Box WordPress Site
  2. Tour of the WordPress Dashboard
  3. Creating Pages & Posts
  4. Using the Visual Editor
  5. Working with Images
  6. Hyperlinking
  7. Configuring a Blog, Static Site, & Mixed Site
  8. Removing the Home Page Title & Comments Box
  9. Adding a Flat Navigation Bar
  10. Adding a Drop-Down Navigation Bar
  11. Installing a Free Theme
  12. Installing a Commercial Theme
  13. Modifying Your Theme Settings & Adding a Header
  14. Working with the Weaver Theme
  15. Setting Up Post Categories & Blog Pages
Chapter 4: WIDGET & WIDGET AREA (13 min)

  1. Using the Latest Posts, Post Categories & Custom Menu Widgets
  2. Using the Text Widget to Post Arbitrary Text or Images to Your Sidebar
  3. Using the Text Widget to Post a Youtube Video
Chapter 5: PLUGINS (11 min)

  1. Introduction to Plug-ins: Akismet Comment Spam Protection
  2. Using the RSSImport Plug-in; Plug-ins that Require Shortcodes
  3. Installing a Commercial Plug-in
Chapter 6: FINE-TUNING YOUR SITE (3 min)

  1. Permalinks
  2. Discussion Settings & Comment Moderation
Chapter 7: NEXT STEPS (8 min)

  1. Commercial Themes
  2. Graphic Sources
  3. WordPress Security
  4. How to Learn More

Presenter Info

Marc Beneteau is the founder of WP Academy. He is a trainer, software developer, internet entrepreneur, website developer, and internet marketer. Before he started teaching full-time he ran a web design business, and was CTO of an internet startup before that.