Word 2016 for PC


In this Word 2016 for PC training course, you'll learn how with online integration with OneDrive®, Word 2016 is a first-class word processing tool.

Platform: PC

Length: 38 min

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Presented by Dan Fanella, this Word 2016 for PC training course will show you how Word 2016 delivers many new features and updates to the user experience, and core functionality.

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A. What’s New in Word 2016?
New Ribbon option
Keyboard shortcuts
SharePoint and OneDrive
Ways to collaborate
Threaded comments

B. Basics
Create a new a document
Open an existing document
Saving options
View and navigate the document
Saving and syncing docs with OneDrive
Recovering documents
Printing options

C. Enter and Edit Text
Insert text
Cut, copy, paste, and rearrange text
Find and Replace
Undo and Redo
Change the font, font size, style, and color
Text styles
Document themes

D. Format Text, Paragraphs, and Pages
Create and edit header and footer
Insert and edit page numbers
Format a paragraph
Set tab stops and indents
Adjust line spacing
Create columns
Borders and shading
Change page size, margins and orientation

E. Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Create a bulleted or numbered list
Edit a bulleted or numbered list

F. Tables
Insert a table
Format a table
Insert, delete, and arrange columns and rows
Insert, delete, and arrange cells

G. Graphics and Images
Insert and arrange an image
Insert and arrange a shape
Insert WordArt
Insert a chart
Apply a style to an image or graphic

H. Spelling and Grammar
Check spelling and grammar
Set general and proofing preferences
Thesaurus and smart look up

I. Collaborate and Share
Insert and edit comments
Review comments and track changes
Protect your document
Editing your doc within OneDrive

J. Managing References
Inserting footnotes
Cycling through footnotes
Setting up writing styles
Managing sources
Inserting citations