Word 2016 for PC – Tables & Graphics


In this Word 2016 for PC – Tables & Graphics training course, learn to mix visual and graphic components to present information using the tools in Word 2016.

Length: 47 min

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In this Word 2016 for PC – Tables & Graphics course presented by Teresa Potter, learn how Microsoft® Word 2016 provides a wide variety of tools to help you easily create visually appealing tables, graphics, and SmartArt®.  You can choose from pre-styled layouts to display your information, or you can create fully customizable tables and graphics. Additionally, the SmartArt library allows you to present complex data in a visual format to make it more accessible to your audience.

Sample clip

A. Tables
Inserting a blank table
Selecting a table style
Inserting columns and rows
Deleting columns and rows
Editing table contents
Pasting in table data
Changing text alignment and direction
Editing column and row dimensions
Evenly distributing columns and rows
Merging cells
Splitting cells
Repeating header rows
Creating a formula in a table
Inserting a quick table into a document
Converting text to a table
Converting a table to text
Editing your table borders and shading
The right click menu

B. Getting Started with Graphic Elements

Selecting graphic elements
Moving graphic elements
Copy and paste graphic elements
Creating a text box

C. Working with Shapes
Insert a shape
Drawing straight lines, squares with even sides, and round circles
Changing the color of your shapes
Adding text to shapes
Moving, resizing, and rotating shapes
Wrapping text around shapes
Grouping shapes and graphic elements
Ordering shapes and graphic elements

D. Working with Images
Insert an image from your files
Resize, rotate, or flip an image
Crop an image
Remove background from an image
Adjust image effects
Add picture styles
Positioning and wrapping text around images
Taking a screenshot

E. Working with SmartArt
Insert SmartArt
Adding information to your SmartArt
Applying a SmartArt style
Changing the colors in your SmartArt
Changing the layout of your SmartArt