Word 2016 for PC – Newsletters


Microsoft Word 2016 is a new, modern version of the classic desktop application, built for maximum productivity. In this Word 2016 – Newsletter online training series, you’ll learn how to create a three-column newsletter using Microsoft® Word 2016.

Length: 40 min

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This Word 2016 – Newsletter training course presented by Heather Slee, will go over selecting font, creating columns, inserting graphic elements, linking text boxes to continue stories onto a different page, setting up a banner, adding graphics, and more! By the end of this course, you’ll be a pro at creating newsletters in Microsoft® Word.

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A. What You’ll Learn
What you’ll learn in this training

B. Setting Up the Banner
Entering banner text
Formatting the banner text
Using WordArt
Adding a border
Inserting a section break

C. Text & Columns
Setting up columns
Inserting text
Choosing font and alignment
Line and paragraph spacing
Viewing your document

D. Text Boxes
How text boxes work
Creating a text box
Linking text boxes
Wrapping other text around text boxes
Formatting text boxes

E. Pictures & Graphics
Adding pictures
Resizing and cropping pictures
Wrapping text around images
Adding a frame around an image
Adding a shape

F. Special Touches
Adding background color
Inserting symbols
Saving as a Web page
Adding a chart
Inserting a sidebar
Adding a table