Word 2007 – Newsletter Workshop


In this Word 2007 – Newsletter Workshop training course, you'll learn step-by-step to using Word 2007 to create a newsletter.

Platform: PC

Length: 45 min

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Presented by Robert Norgon, in this Word 2007 – Newsletter Workshop training course, you’ll learn one popular way of using Microsoft® Word 2007 for PC is to create attractive publications that combine text and graphics.

Project files included.

Sample clip

A. Project Overview
What the completed project looks like
Setting Up the Banner

B. Setting Up the Banner
Entering banner text
Formatting the banner text
Using Word Art for a title
Positioning your Word Art
Adding a border
Inserting a section break

C. Text in Straight Columns
Setting up columns
Inserting a story
Choosing font and alignment
Setting paragraphing spacing
Opening a 2nd view of the document

D. Text in Text Boxes
Using text boxes for text placement
Linking text boxes
Flowing text into linked text boxes
Wrapping other text around a text box

E. Working with Graphics
Adding graphics to a story
Resizing the graphic
Setting text wrap around your graphic
Adding a background graphic
Setting graphic transparency
Adding an auto shape

F. Special Touches
Adding background color or shading to an area
Adding story dividers
Saving your newsletter as a Web page