Waves SSL 4000 Collection

Waves SSL 4000 Collection


Total Run Time: 0.8 hrs

In this tutorial Jeff Dykhouse, veteran audio engineer, walks you through the Waves SSL interface and how to get the best possible results out of your mixes.

Topics include

  1. The E-Channel Plug-In
  2. The G-Equalizer Plug-In
  3. The G-Master Buss Compressor Plug-In

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The collection includes the masterfully modeled SSL E-Channel, G-Master Buss Compressor and SSL G-Equalizer. Chris Lord-Alge, the legendary Grammy® Award-winning multi-platinum mixer, shares his personal SSL presets.

Sample clip

Course outline

Chapter 1: The E-Channel Plug-In (36 min)

  1. Overview
  2. The Waves System Bar
  3. The Filter Section
  4. EQ Section
  5. Dynamics Section – Compressor
  6. Dynamics section – Expander/Gate
  7. Level Controls
  8. Routing Options
  9. Chris Lord-Alge Presets
Chapter 2: The G-Equalizer Plug-In (5 min)

  1. Operation
Chapter 3: The G-Master Buss Compressor Plug-In (9 min)

  1. Operation

Presenter Info

Jeff DykhouseJeff Dykhouse has been actively involved in audio engineering for more than 20 years. He has been a user of computer-based recording systems from their inception. Jeff’s diverse career has earned him gold and platinum awards (RIAA). Many of Jeffs endeavors have been within the Praise & Worship genre, where he has worked with top artists such as Paul Baloche, Crystal Lewis, Kevin Prosch and The Violet Burning. Additional clients include corporations such as RCA, Apple Computer, NBC and Charles Schwab. Jeff owns and operates a recording facility and systems design company in Temecula, CA.