Visio 2016 for PC


In this Visio 2016 for PC online series of tutorials, we’ll cover the basics of using Visio – from creating your first shape to using templates to create complex diagrams. Visio® 2016 is a diagramming and mapping program that allows you to create drawings of flowcharts, information maps, organizational charts, and even design the layout of a room or office.

Length: 1 hr 38 min

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This Visio 2016 for PC training, presented by Dan Kuemmel, will give you the information you need to not only create a drawing or diagram in Visio, but make it look great.  You’ll learn about: navigation, templates, themes, printing, sharing, and more!

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A. Getting Started
What you’ll learn in this training
What’s new in Visio 2016?
Tell Me

B. Navigation
Navigating the Ribbon
Opening a new document
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
How to use the Save and Save As commands
How to open a document
Using the zoom controls

C. Using Shapes, Connectors & Arrows
Understanding flowchart shapes
Understanding organizational chart shapes
Creating a shape
Customize the Stencils menu pt. 1
Customize the Stencils menu pt. 2
Rulers and grids
Resize a shape
Move shapes
Snap and Glue
Undo and Redo
Twist and rotate shapes
Copy and Paste
Bring to Front and Send to Back commands
Add text to a shape
Edit text in a shape
Change shape colors
Add gradients and effects to shapes
Add callouts and annotations
Group and Ungroup
Use the Change Shapes feature
Add connectors
Edit connectors

D. Pages, Clip Art & Pictures
Insert and delete pages
Insert online images
Insert images from a hard drive
Download shapes and stencils
Install stencils and shapes
Delete or move stencils and shapes
Rename pages

E. Templates, Themes & Backgrounds
Choose a template
Edit a template
Choose a theme
Edit a theme
Add a background
Add a title

F. Sharing & Printing
Setup your page layout for printing
Set Page Setup options
Setup the Drawing Scale options
Save as PDF
Save as an image
Share files
Use Presentation mode

G. Commenting & Editing
Add a comment
Comments Pane
Use the Ink Feature