Unity 3D Scripting in C# – An Introduction

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With this Unity 3D Scripting in C# – An Introduction course, you will learn the basics of coding video games with Unity 3D. From creating a new script to functions and variables, you will learn everything you need to know to get up and running with Unity 3D game development.

Length: 1.75 hrs

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This Unity 3D Scripting in C# – An Introduction course discusses Unity Scripting. It includes several tutorials on game script creation and coding.

You will start with creating a new script, and then move on to using functions and variables. Next you will learn all about booleans, conditionals, and so much more. Plus, get insight to valuable coding resources and work along source files!

This course is aimed at beginning coders, and is intended to teach the basic coding you need to start creating games. If you have some coding knowledge, this course will still be helpful as it relates coding to how it is used in game development today.

Sample clip

Introduction to Scripting
Creating a New Script
Functions – Level 1
Functions – Level 2
Variables – Level 1
Variables – Level 2
Monobehavior Members
Booleans and Conditionals
Coding Resources

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