Photoshop & Illustrator: Typographic Poster Design – From Sketch to Vector


Martin Perhiniak, Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor, designer and illustrator guides you through his approach on creating an engaging typographic design using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. In this course he is sharing many useful techniques and best practices he has been using in his own work. This workshop is a very effective way to improve your Illustrator skills with an emphasis on working with type.

Martin's friendly and easy-to-follow instruction is sure to inspire you to take your sketch ideas to the next level.

Length: 2 hrs 40 min

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By the end of the Typographic Poster Design – From Sketch to Vector series, you will be familiar with sketching in Photoshop, applying 3D effects in Illustrator, warping text, using the Recolor Artwork feature and even creating mockups of t-shirts and posters with the final design.

This training series is great for anyone who wants to take their hand-drawn sketches and turn them into stylized vector designs, using some of Adobe’s most popular software today.

Sample clip

Course Outline

Chapter 1 Preparing to Sketch 0:11:40
1 Intro to Typographic Poster Design
2 Setting Up Your Workspace
3 Finding Inspiration
4 Photoshop Settings for Sketching

Chapter 2 Sketching & Design Planning 0:25:52
1 Sketching a Concept
2 Selecting the Best Design Concept
3 Setting Up Tracing
4 Selecting Fonts
5 Selecting a Color Theme

Chapter 3 Building the Vector Design 0:47:33
1 Using the Pen Tool to Create Letters
2 Warping Text
3 Building a Ribbon with Warp Options & the Pen Tool
4 Using 3D Extrude & Bevel Options
5 Creating 3D Text
6 Adding Additional Text Effects
7 Creating a Burst Effect

Chapter 4 Presenting Your Design 0:14:38
1 Recoloring Artwork for Multiple Versions
2 Creating Product Mockups
3 Sharing Your Work on Behance®
4 Conclusion to Typographic Poster Design

Martin Perhiniak is a Certified Adobe Design Master and Instructor. He worked as a designer for companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, Sony Pictures, Mattel, and DC Comics. He is currently working in London as a designer and instructor, as well as providing a range of services from live online training to consultancy work to individuals worldwide.

Martin’s Motto

“Do not compare yourself to your role models. Work hard and wait for the moment when others will compare them to you”