Torq with Xponent

Torq with Xponent


Total Run Time: 2 hrs

Torq Xponent, a DJ performance system brings professional controls to the world of computer-based digital DJing. In this tutorial, electronic musician, recording artist and DJ, Steve Nalepa, demonstrates how to switch over from traditional DJ'ing to the Torq Xponent system.

Topics include

  1. Auto BPM Mapping
  2. Built in FX
  3. MIDI Mapping
  4. VST Effects
  5. Sampler Overview
  6. Sync Feature
  7. External Control
  8. Line Input
  9. Mixer Overview
  10. Cueing, Mixing, Quick Scratching
  11. Function Shortcuts

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Steve shows you the essentials of Torq that will take your music in new directions. You will learn new ways to mix, scratch, and cue your digital files without ever touching your computer. The training topics include MIDI mapping, VST effects, a sampler overview, the sync feature, external control, and a mixer overview.

Sample clip

Course outline

Chapter Chapter 1: Introduction (1 min)

Chapter 2: Xponent Overview (9 min)

Chapter 3: Torq Interface Overview (13 min)

Chapter 4: Browser Overview (6 min)

Chapter 5: BPM and the Phase Grid (12 min)

Chapter 6: Cue Points (7 min)

Chapter 7: Quick Loop (6 min)

Chapter 8: Built In Effects Overview (7 min)

Chapter 9: Built In Effects Close Up (15 min)

Chapter 10: Snapshots (11 min)

Chapter 11: VST Effects (6 min)

Chapter 12: Sampler Overview (7 min)

Chapter 13: Quick Scratch Feature (4 min)

Chapter 14: Recording With Torq (6 min)

Chapter 16: External Control Mode (5 min)

Chapter 17: Key-Speed Lock (3 min)

Chapter 18: Master Tempo and Rewire (5 min)

Chapter 19: Conclusion (26 sec)

Presenter Info

Steve NalepaSteve is an LA-based electronic musician and multimedia artist who combines deep dub bass, glitchy breaks, bioacoustic atmospheres and sinewave melodies to create his patented brand of ambient glitch dub. Known for his vast and eclectic array of artistic collaborations, Nalepa through years has producd spectacular audiovisual events and shared billing with some of the worlds best electronic musicians. He is considered an key innovator in the west coast audiovisual scene and holds the appropriate title of Flavorpills “beat guru”. Nalepa has performed at The Do Lab Stage at Coachella 2007, produced tracks with legends such as Bill Laswell and Pharoah Sanders, rocked it at Flavorpill’s Friday’s Off the 405 Series at the Getty Museum, and shared billing with Amon Tobin, Cut Chemist and DJ Spooky at Walt Disney Concert Hall and performed on The Do Lab Stage at Coachella 2007. Nalepa is one of the artists featured in Visionaire 53 SOUND which features 100 original sound pieces by David Byrne, U2, Danger Mouse, Dan The Automator, Yoko Ono and more. When he’s not in the lab or rocking dance floors together with Tokyo-based MattB as Bass Science, Nalepa can be found teaching Ableton Live, ProTools and Reason to the students in his Principles of Music Technology classes at Chapman University Conservatory of Music.