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Get started with one of the latest social media platforms called Steemit, with this Steemit – Earn Cryptocurrency for Free training course. Gain the insider tips you need to get paid for posting and sharing content on Facebook, Instagram, and more!

Length: 1.5 hrs

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In this Steemit – Earn Cryptocurrency for Free course, you’ll take a look at Steemit – a social media and blogging platform that pays you for posting content.

Steemit provides you with a chance to earn rewards in a well regarded cryptocurrency without having to invest any money. Nothing recommended in this course will cost you a penny, but everything recommended in this course can earn you money!

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How Does it Work?
Do what you already do on Facebook, on Instagram, or on LinkedIn, etc. – you post content, you share content, and you comment. However, Steemit PAYS you for doing just that. You’ll see a page of posts about anything: travel, food, business, pets, etc. They’re earning hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Steemit leverages a revolutionary new technology called the blockchain. The blockchain is the technology that underpins Bitcoin – the first ever cryptocurrency. In the case of Bitcoin, no 3rd parties (banks, governments, exchanges, etc.) are needed to make transactions – no bank fees, no exchange fees, no central banks, no uncertainty over government interference with the money supply, etc. And similarly with Steemit, no centralized authority is needed. So no ads, no selling of your personal information, no censorship, etc.

The Steem blockchain protocol, in addition to being able to store value ($$$), can also store content. And it rewards people for creating content, curating content, and even commenting on content with its cryptocurrency Steem.

There are no ads, so where does the money come from?
The Steem protocol, just like that Bitcoin protocol, creates money out of thin air. Since the decoupling of the US dollar to gold by Richard Nixon in 1971, a system of national fiat currencies has been used. Since the cost of producing any denomination of a national currency is negligible, all money is in fact created out of thin air. However, people believe in a currency’s value and trade with it accordingly. So a US dollar is worth what it is.

It’s the same with cryptocurrencies: their value is derived from how much people believe in them, or are prepared to pay for them. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steem, and all other cryptocurrencies are traded everyday. Their values go up and down according to the irrefutable laws of supply and demand.

Steemit Introduction
My First Thoughts On Steemit As A Potential Disruptive Social Media Platform
An Explanation of Steem and Steemit

Signing up for a Steemit account
Explaining Your Profile Info On Steemit
Further Explanation of the Steemit Interface
An Explanation of the Steemit Wallet
Further Explanation of the Differences Between Steem, Steem Power, and Steem Dollars
Creating a new post on Steemit

promoting your post on steemit
Two Minnows Talk About Steemit
Further comments about this Steemit course

Steemit Outro

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