Soundbooth CS4

Soundbooth CS4


Total Run Time: 2.4 hrs

The chapters provide you with a solid foundation for working with Adobe Soundbooth CS4 and show you how to prepare audio tracks for any situation, from sound effects to voiceovers, from the studio to the stage!


  1. Learn how to remove unwanted sounds from your audio
  2. Find out how to take control of wild volume swings
  3. See how to record and place voiceovers
  4. Watch how to thicken sparse crowd noise
  5. Learn how to use Dynamics Processing for voice clarity

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Learn editing basics including creating simple trims and volume edits, and how to use the Match Volume control. Get a look at using effects, including the Graphic EQ effect and Advanced Dynamics effects, plus a handful of other techniques. Gain valuable tips and techniques for optimizing your workflow when using Soundbooth.

Sample clip

Course outline


  • Record, Playback & Trim Clips
  • Making a Clip Louder & Applying Effects
  • Using Mix Paste
  • Exploring Waveform Types
  • Chapter 2: EDITING BASICS (61 min)

    1. Creating Simple Trims & Volume Edits
    2. Exploring the Spectral Analyzer
    3. Working with Automated Noise Reduction Tools
    4. Using Auto Heal to Remove a Noise
    5. Applying the Rumble Filter & Parametric EQ
    6. Introduction to Multitracking
    7. Using the Match Volume Command
    8. Removing Clicks & Pops
    9. Editing Multiple Audio Tracks
    Chapter 3: EFFECTS PROCESSING (36 min)

    1. Adding Effects to the Effects Rack
    2. Using the Graphic EQ Effect
    3. Using the Advanced Dynamics Effect
    4. Advanced Parametric EQ & Advanced Compressor
    5. Using the Advanced Analog Delay Effect
    6. Changing the Pitch & Timing
    7. Working with the Vocal Enhancer Effect
    Chapter 4: TOOLS & TIPS FOR A BETTER WORKFLOW (23 min)

    1. Adding Metadata to Files
    2. Scoring with the AutoComposer Feature
    3. Customizing the Interface
    4. Using Resource Central
    5. End Credits

    Presenter Info

    Bert BaldwinBert Baldwin has been a musician and audio engineer all his life. His 20-plus years of musicianship have honed his ear, and his many years of audio engineering experience have given him a knowledge base he is eager to share. Bert has worked extensively on several major-label music releases, has toured the world with respected musical acts, and has received several RIAA certified gold and platinum sales awards for his efforts. His passion for sonic and visual excellence has been recognized and well received by those with whom he has had the pleasure of working.