SharePoint Intermediate Training


With this SharePoint Intermediate Training course, get ready to take your Microsoft SharePoint skills to the next level. You will learn all about Document Library versioning, advanced List editing, creating Subsites, Lookup Columns, and even take a look at SharePoint Designer.

Learn to succeed in business collaboration using SharePoint!

Length: 2 hrs 29 min

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Microsoft SharePoint has been called one of the most powerful tools for business collaboration. Steve Ballmer once said that SharePoint “unleashes a suite of capabilities that dramatically improves the way people work”.

But how can I take my basic SharePoint knowledge to the next level?
In this SharePoint Intermediate Training course, noted SharePoint author and guru Robert Crane shares his insights into this powerful solution. Join Robert as he demonstrates intermediate-level features and techniques such as connecting Microsoft Access to SharePoint, creating a SharePoint Document Library, adding custom document templates, and so much more!

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1. SharePoint – Intermediate Training
Email Alerts (12:37)
Document Library Check In with SharePoint Online (12:04)
Document Approvals (11:30)
SharePoint Document Library Versioning (12:55)
Introduction to Views (12:34)
Advanced List Editing (6:23)
Connecting Microsoft Access to SharePoint (6:16)
Changing Site Title, Logo, and URL (4:37)
Creating Subsites (9:48)
Saving a Site as a Template (5:21)
Using a Site Template with a New Site Collection (8:01)
Introduction to Lookup Columns in SharePoint (8:30)
Create a SharePoint Document Library (7:07)
Using a Template to Migrate a SharePoint Library (6:28)
Adding Custom Document Templates to SharePoint Libraries (13:18)
Getting Started with SharePoint Designer (11:31)

Robert CraneRobert Crane BE MBA MCP

Robert has a degree in Electrical Engineering as well as Masters of Business Administration. He is also a Small Business Specialist, Microsoft Certified SharePoint Professional, Office 365 Administrator and Azure Technical Specialist. Robert has over 20 years of IT experience in a variety of fields and positions, including working on Wall St. in New York. He continues his involvement with information technology as the Principal of the Computer Information Agency in Sydney, Autralia.

Apart from resolving client technical issues, Robert continues to present at seminars locally and internationally, as well as write on a number for topics for the Computer Information Agency. Robert has been President of the SMBiTPro community in Sydney. Since 2012 Robert has been awarded a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award from Microsoft for his contributions around the Office 365 product. He is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). He also develops and presents technology courses on a regular basis at various locations. Robert is committed to a process of ongoing business and technical education to continue developing the skills required to assist clients with their business challenges.

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