Scala Programming Language

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If you want to learn Java, learn function programming, or just add a new language to your arsenal, this Scala Programming Language course is for you. By the end, you’ll have gained basic proficiency in Scala and be able to demonstrate an understanding of functional programming.

Length: 5 hrs

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Scala Programming Language
There are few languages that are equally capable of building simple, one-line expressions and robust, high performance systems. There are even less languages that can function as both object-oriented and functional. Yet Scala, otherwise known as the ’scaleable’ language, can do both impressively well. And guess what? It’s pretty easy to learn. Interested?

Here’s what our Scala Programming Language online course will teach you…

  • Combine OOP and Functional Programming
  • Gain basic proficiency in Scala
  • Get to grips with functional programming
  • Learn a derivative language of Java
  • Understand how to scale your programs efficiently
  • Add a new language to your skill set!
  • Build Scaleable Programs

If you don’t know Java or functional programming, don’t worry – Scala is a perfect transitional language for both. This Scala Programming Language online course will guide you every step of the way, with mini-projects at the end of each section to compound your learning and provide a clear breakdown of the various components that make up the language.

Previous programming experience will certainly help, but it’s not totally necessary. You’ll start right at the beginning by installing Scala and and getting an overview of the variables, constants, and string manipulations. From then on you’ll learn the various facets of Scala, section by section, using the Eclipse Scala IDE throughout. Among other things, you’ll learn the language fundamentals, control flow, functions, classes, file I/O and exception handling.

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What is Scala?

Scala is an object-oriented programming language specially designed to be scaleable. However, it is also a functional language, seamlessly blending the most important elements of both, for a powerful, do-it-all tool that can be used for one-line expressions or ’mission critical’ systems alike. It has a concise syntax, and makes an excellent stepping stone to Java.

As one of the most popular functional programming languages out there and one of the most versatile languages across the board, learning Scala is a smart way to upgrade your skills as well as transitioning from object-oriented to functional styles.

Course Introduction
Section Introduction
What is Scala and Installing
Your First Scala Program
Variables and Constants
String Manipulations
Variable Length Arrays
List and Maps Introduction
Immutable Maps
Mutable Maps
Element Traversing and Streams
Tuples and Zipping
List Manipulations
Conditionals and Loops
Advanced Looping
Project Instructions
Project Solution I
Project Solution II
Section Introduction
Statements and Expressions intro
Expression Blocks and Pattern Guards
Match-All and Wildcards
Down Casting and Closures
Project Instructions
Project Solution
Section Introduction
Functions Introduction
Functions Advanced
Section Introduction
Class Construction
Auxiliary Constructors and Lazy Values
Inheritance & Abstract Classes
Section Introduction
File I/O
Course Summary

Brett Romero is a software engineer and entrepreneur. He has started several businesses, including Bitesize Business School, where he writes about applying business principles to the real world and solving technology issues that every online business faces. His first business, Cygen, was a web design consulting business, from which he also created his first product – a JavaScript-based chatroom web application.

Brett has written desktop applications in languages running from Delphi to C# winforms/WPF, as well as built ASP.NET webforms and MVC based applications. When the iOS SDK was first introduced, he bought a Macbook and began building apps for the iPhone. He currently has seven apps in the iTunes App Store.

Brett holds an MBA from ASU (’14). His undergraduate major was in mathematics. Before graduating, he decided to get a business degree. He continued taking mathematics courses at the University of Washington after completing his undergraduate degree.

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