Ruby Programming Fundamentals

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Get started with Ruby in this Ruby Programming Fundamentals training course. You’ll learn how to install Ruby and build your very first Ruby app, all while learning about data types, loops, classes, and more. Come explore why Ruby is such a popular and simple-to-use programming language!

Length: 5.5 hrs

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There are some programming languages that require seemingly endless lines of code to make the smallest of programs. There are some languages that are so complex even experts’ heads hurt if they try to use them. And then there’s Ruby, which has all of the performance of these aforementioned languages and none of the complexity. Productive, powerful, simple and easy to learn, it’s the perfect starter language. Oh, and a huge (and growing) number of companies use it too…

Get Ready for Ruby Programming Fundamentals!

  • Gain a working knowledge of how to use Ruby
  • Understand Ruby programming fundamentals
  • Learn the language’s syntax, functions and key features
  • Complete a challenging practical project after each module
  • Understand how Ruby Programming Works

This online course focuses on Ruby fundamentals. Some previous programming experience would be useful for those taking this course, but if you’re a complete beginner that’s fine too. If you want to get started with Ruby and aren’t phased by some challenging hands-on projects, you’ve picked the perfect course.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Ruby, starting at the very beginning with installation. Once installed, you’ll get an introduction to the language and start building your very first Ruby app. We’ll dedicate sections to data types, conditional flow and loops, classes and methods, learning about the intricacies of each with practical projects. Along the way you’ll gain a solid understanding of Ruby’s syntax and functions.

By the end of this course you will have a good working knowledge of Ruby and will have already used it in practice. You’ll be ready to take a ’deep dive’ into the language with further coursework if you wish, or head out into the big bad programming world and start using Ruby for real projects. Whatever you choose to do with your newfound knowledge, you’ll have a strong foundation of programming fundamentals to back you up. Plus, you’ll have had some fun too!

Your instructor, Brett Romero, has been programming throughout his entire career. Programming for desktop, web and mobile, Brett is an expert in Python, C#, PHP, Java, Swift, and more.

About Ruby

Ruby is an object-oriented, general purpose programming language developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto in the 1990s. Designed for increased productivity and fun, it makes a great starter language for new programmers thanks to its simplicity, readability and focus on fun. Commonly used with Rails applications, it’s a very popular language that’s always in high demand. Companies such as Twitter and Kickstarter use Ruby.


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Ruby Programming Fundamentals

CHAPTER 01: Introduction To Ruby
Course Introduction (1:35)
Why Ruby (2:41)
Installation On Windows (3:36)
Installation On Mac (1:24)
IRB (8:17)
Editors (8:15)
Your First Ruby App (5:44)
Gems (3:29)

CHAPTER 02: Data Types
Section Introduction (0:49)
Variables And Constants (11:12)
Strings (11:24)
Numbers, Booleans, And Ranges (9:43)
Splits (6:38)
Arrays (11:40)
Hashes (9:58)
Capturing User Input (3:43)
Comments (3:24)
Project And Solution (10:34)
Section Summary (0:19)

CHAPTER 03: Operators and Conditional Flow
Section Introduction (0:52)
Assignment Operators (4:45)
If Else (11:09)
Ternary (6:31)
Case Statements (6:55)
Predicates (6:22)
While, Unless, and Until (9:13)
For Each Upto Times Loops (8:49)
Collect Map (6:43)
Symbols (5:40)
Module Project (4:43)
Module Project Solution (10:59)
Section Summary (0:26)

CHAPTER 04: Classes and Methods
Section Introduction (1:02)
Introduction To Classes (7:56)
Initializers (4:43)
Inheritance (7:37)
Overriding (5:38)
Working With Methods (8:22)
Creating Predicates (5:21)
Variable Scope Part 1 (7:42)
Variable Scope Part 2 (6:48)
Adding Methods To Existing Objects (2:38)
Blocks and Yield Part 1 (8:29)
Blocks and Yield Part 2 (11:01)
Procs (10:49)
Lambdas (11:20)
File IO (8:50)
Project (4:15)
Project Solution (9:42)
Section Summary (0:53)
Course Summary (1:25)

Brett Romero has been programming throughout his entire career. Programming for desktop, web and mobile, Brett is an expert in Python, C#, PHP, Java, Swift, and more.

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