Ruby on Rails for Beginners

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Get on the Right Track with this Ruby on Rails for Beginners course! Get started with Ruby on Rails development with this easy to understand online course designed for those who are new to Rails. If you want to get the solid footing needed to build and develop rails applications and create interactive, database-driven websites, this course is for you. While you don’t need to have any Rails experience, a web programming background or knowledge of HTML and CSS will help.

Length: 5 hrs

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During this Ruby on Rails for Beginners course, you’ll get to grips with the basics of Rails, learn how to develop Rails applications, and work towards completing a challenging final project that will set you up for using Rails in real life situations. Essentially, you’ll go from zero to accomplished Rails developer.

The first two sections cover requirements, installation and the basic setup and features of rails, as well as introducing you the very first app you’ll build. The next section delves deeper and will improve your understanding of how Rails works and what it can do. Section 4 and 5 are dedicated to developing your practical skills, building an interactive website and completing your course project.

Your instructor, Brett Romero, has been programming throughout his entire career. Programming for desktop, web and mobile, Brett is an expert in Python, C#, PHP, Java, Swift, and more.

What Is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails allows developers to create fully interactive and completely flawless web applications in record time. It’s the framework of choice for all of those household name tech companies because it is both complex and simple, and can be applied to a range of applications. In fact, if you ask anyone who works at those giant tech companies what technology you should learn to build custom web applications, Rails will be their answer. If you love solving problems and want to up the ante on your next job application, this course is for you.

In this course, you’ll:

  • Create fully interactive Rails applications
  • Learn how applications are built
  • Connect databases to Rails applications
  • Complete a challenging course project
  • Boost your employability with a valuable new skill
  • Build Rail Applications with Ease

Tools Used:

Ruby on Rails is an open source web application framework written in the Ruby programming language. It is optimised for simple, efficient programming and sustainable coding. It is used to provide default structures for databases, web services and web pages and facilitates the use of web standards in JSON, XML, HTML, and JavaScript among others.
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Ruby on Rails for Beginners

1. Course Introduction
Course Introduction (3:01)

2. Ruby on Rails
Introduction (0:39)
What is RoR (4:58)
Requirements (2:59)
Installwindows (7:06)
Installmac (9:58)
Sublime Text (3:55)
SQLite Studio (7:30)
First app (15:02)
Section 1 Conclusion (0:26)

3. Getting To Know Rails
Introduction (2:08)
MVC (11:32)
Command line (11:44)
Rails Guides (2:59)
Creating A Rails App (10:18)
Models and Databases (8:36)
Controllers (9:02)
Views (9:22)
Partial Views (4:13)
Routes (10:48)
Dynamic Data (9:47)
Form Submissions and Resources (16:37)
Scaffolds (12:22)
Styled Website (18:33)
Bootstrap Intro (13:45)
Integrating Bootstrap (9:18)
Section 2 Conclusion (1:30)

4. Building An Interactive Website
Section 3 Introduction (1:47)
Working With Databases (9:39)
Database Interaction Through The Rails Console (11:19)
Associating A Model To An Existing Table (5:59)
What Are Migrations (6:55)
Seeding (3:49)
Retrieving Data By Id (14:36)
Section 3 Conclusion (0:39)

5. Course Project
Course Project Instructions (4:49)
Course Project Solution (6:26)

6. Course Conclusion
Course Conclusion (2:44)

Brett Romero has been programming throughout his entire career. Programming for desktop, web and mobile, Brett is an expert in Python, C#, PHP, Java, Swift, and more.

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