Python Programming Master – Course Bundle


Become a Python Programming guru with this 'Python Programming Master bundle of online training courses from Total Training! You'll learn all the programming fundamentals, plus delve into advanced concepts such as development with Flask, data analysis, machine learning, and more!

Total Bundle Length: 80 hrs

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With this Python Programming Master bundle, you’ll get over 80 hours of intensive video instruction on how to use Python programming in your web development projects. Taught by expert instructors, you can follow along with each course step-by-step as you learn about topics such as: object oriented programming, scalable web development, RESTful API design, sentiment analysis, and so much more.

Start with the fundamentals, and work your way up through the intermediate to advanced level courses. By the time you’ve completed the training, you’ll be a Python programming master!

Sample clip

  1. Python Programming for Beginners
  2. Python Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals
  3. Python Web Programming
  4. Python Web Development with Flask
  5. Python Advanced Scalable Web Development Using Flask
  6. Python RESTful API Design using Flask
  7. Python Django from Scratch
  8. Data Analysis with Python & Pandas
  9. Python BeautifulSoup – Extract Web Data Beautifully
  10. Machine Learning with Python
  11. Machine Learning : Python Programming – From Beginner to Intermediate
  12. Machine Learning : Twitter Sentiment Analysis in Python
  13. Machine Learning : Recommendation Systems in Python

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