Publisher 2016 for PC


In this Publisher 2016 for PC online training series, we will discuss the Backstage view, how to create  a new document, the ribbon, and so much more.

Length: 1 hr 16 min

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Welcome to the Publisher® 2016 for PC training series, presented by Kenneth Gammel. Come explore the basic operations of Publisher such as inserting a text box, WordArt, and shapes. We will work with formatting text and text boxes. Finally, we will learn how to save, save as a PDF or XPS, share a publication, and publish documents to the Web.

Sample clip

A. Getting Started
Overview of the Ribbon
Layout guides
Ruler guides

B. Basic Operations
Create a File
Save and open a file
Print options
Import a Word document
Close and exit

C. Basic Text Entry
Text box
Insert a table
Create a bulleted or numbered list
Enter business information
Insert additional pages
Automatic page numbering
Date, time, & symbols

D. Tools
Research tools
Create and edit address list
Mail merge
Email merge

E. Format Text
Format and change size of text boxes
Format the font
Color schemes
Character spacing
Drop caps

F. Edit
Cut, copy & paste
Undo & redo
Delete text, objects, & pages
Find & replace

G. Graphics
Insert clip art & photos
Resize graphics
Picture style gallery
Building blocks
Auto shapes
Including objects
Placement and order of graphics
Group and ungroup
Crop and pan

H. Page Layout
Page backgrounds
Set up tabs and default alignment
Paragraphs, indent & spacing

I. Produce Documents

Make everything fit
Pack & Go
Create a Web publication
Export options
Page setup
Sharing options