Pro Tools 7.4: What’s New

Pro Tools 7.4: What’s New


Total Run Time: 0.7 hrs

In this tutorial Jeff Dykhouse, a veteran engineer, will teach you about the new improvements to Pro Tools 7.4. The enhanced features you will learn include a time-manipulation tool called Elastic Time, or Elastic Audio, along with real-time features that make it incredibly easy to manipulate tempo or time, without the loss of sonic integrity.

Topics include

  1. Introduction
  2. Elastic Audio
  3. Preferences and Browser Improvements
  4. Workflow Improvements
  5. Video Improvements

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Benefit from the enhanced workflow, preferences and video handling improvements in Pro Tools 7.4.

Sample clip

Course outline

Chapter 1: Introduction (01 min)

  1. What’s New, Elastic Audio, Browser Improvements, Workflow Improvements, Perference Enhancements
Chapter 2: Elastic Audio (76 min)

  1. Making Tracks Elastic
  2. Elastic Audio Parameters
  3. Fixing An Out Of Time Guitar
  4. Tightening Up A Drum Track
  5. Warping A Free Time Recording
  6. Syncing Live Drums to Loops
  7. Syncing Loops To An Existing Song
  8. Changing The Tempo Of A Song
  9. Troubleshooting Analysis and Quantize Problems
  10. Troubleshooting Imported Audio Problems
Chapter 3: Preferences and Browser Improvements (17 min)

  1. Playback Engine, System Usage Window, Zoom Toggle Selection, Import Files Section, Renamed Commands, Waveform Height Controls…
Chapter 4: Workflow Improvements (8 min)

  1. Beat Detective, Tab To Transient, ReWire Improvements, Footswitch Control, Windows Media Support
Chapter 5: Video Improvements (2 min)

  1. Digital Video Editing Enabled With AVID MOJO SDI, Digitranslator Support for M-Powered

Presenter Info

Jeff DykhouseJeff Dykhouse has been actively involved in audio engineering for more than 20 years. He has been a user of computer-based recording systems from their inception. Jeff’s diverse career has earned him gold and platinum awards (RIAA). Many of Jeffs endeavors have been within the Praise & Worship genre, where he has worked with top artists such as Paul Baloche, Crystal Lewis, Kevin Prosch and The Violet Burning. Additional clients include corporations such as RCA, Apple Computer, NBC and Charles Schwab. Jeff owns and operates a recording facility and systems design company in Temecula, CA.