Python: Professional RESTful API Design using Python Flask

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Learn best practice API architecture!

This Professional RESTful API Design using Python Flask course will teach you how to build a professional API platform using pure Flask, without any supplemental libraries, so that you can learn the fundamentals of RESTful API design.

Length: 4.5 hrs

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In today’s world, dominated by gorgeous JavaScript user interfaces and mobile applications, the ability to build a scalable and well architected API is key to be able to supplement those applications and ensure that clients and servers communicate with the proper interfaces.

This Professional RESTful API Design using Python Flask course covers the basic concepts of the RESTful API pattern and then goes into detail and step by step building an API platform that will cover the six constraints of the architecture. Students will learn the industry-standard and will follow best practices for API architectures.

At the end of the course students will be able to design, architect and build their own RESTful API platforms, and with the deep understanding of the laws governing APIs, can go ahead and try out the API libraries available for Python and Flask, knowing the fundamentals and the advantages of using them.

If you already know the basics of Flask and you are interested in how to design, architect and build an API platform, this is the course for you.

The course is divided in 2 sections:

  1. Introduction which covers all the concepts necessary to understand what is a RESTful API and its six constraints
  2. A step-by-step explanation building a Pet Store API that will include an authentication layer, a Store endpoint and a Pet endpoint as well as search functionalities

Join this course and continue your path to becoming a professional backend web developer!


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Professional RESTful API Design using Python Flask
API definitions
Uniform Interface in Detail
Set up Core Environment
Basic Container Structure
Running the Containers
Get all pets in a store endpoint
Search pets with filters
Pluggable Views
Installing and Using Postman
Our First POST
HTTP Status Codes
Simple Authentications
Token API Model and API Endpoints
Testing our Simple Authentication
Token API views and decorator
Install bcrypt and test tokens
Building the Apps Tests
Token Tests
Starting the Store End Point
The JSON Schema Library
The Store API File
Trying out the Stores End Point
UPDATED Implementing PUT and DELETE
Implementing pagination on GET all stores
Store Tests
Pet Endpoint Initial CRUD
Finishing Pet GET, POST and Postman Tests
Pets Tests
Pets Pagination Tests
Test the get all pets in a store endpoint

Jorge Escobar is a technologist, entrepreneur, and open source fanatic with more than 15 years of experience in the development of web applications in New York City. 

Jorge is the creator of From Zero, an educational project that addresses practical knowledge issues through training, builds hands-on experience, and equips students with the tools required to be successful in today’s technology business needs.

Jorge has worked in well established companies like Yahoo!, Univision and MongoDB, and has also been the technical founding member of various successful tech startups that have received multiple rounds of venture capital.

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