Premiere Pro CC 2015


In this Premiere Pro CC 2015 training course by Nick Tieri, you'll dive into the newest features, including Lumetri Color and the Morph Cut Transition. These new features and many others are designed to enhance your editing experience and allow you to create stunning video projects with relative ease. If you're ready to bring your video ideas to life, this course is for you.

Length: 1 hour 45 min

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In this Premiere Pro CC 2015 training course, you’ll learn the ins and outs of video editing in Premiere® Pro Creative Cloud 2015, including importing and editing media, applying effects and transitions, and exporting your final project.

Sample clip

A. What’s New?
Using the Lumetri Color Panel
Morph Cut Transition
Using Time Tuner
Task Oriented Work Spaces
Using Adobe Stock
Using Creative Cloud Libraries

B. Getting Started
Creating a new project
Creating a new sequence
Working with the Timeline and Program Monitor
Using the Source Monitor
Working with the Tools panel

C. Capturing and Importing
Importing media
Use playback controls

D. Generating Video
Generating bars, tone and slugs
Generating a color matte

E. Organizing Media
Creating and using bins
Renaming clips
Finding clips

F. Marking and Editing
Adding clips to the timeline
Setting in and out points
Setting and clearing clip markers
Rendering a sequence or work area

G. Edit in the Timeline
Adding and deleting tracks
Locking tracks
Removing clips and gaps from the sequence
Splitting clips in the timeline
Changing or reversing the speed of a clip
Creating a freeze frame
Trimming clips
Using the Roll tool
Using the Ripple tool
Using the Slip tool
Using the Slide tool

H. Work with Transitions
Setting the default transition
Applying transitions to cut points
Adjusting a transition
Copy and paste of transitions

I. Add Titles
Creating a basic title
Creating scrolling text
Creating shapes

J. Keyframing and Applying Effects
Applying an effect
Adjusting an effect
Resetting an effect to its default value
Removing an effect
Using key frames to animate objects
Using key frames to change opacity
Applying a color correction

K. Work with Audio
Unlinking audio and video
Adjusting volume and panning

L. Customize
Customizing keyboard shortcuts
Customizing window layout

M. Finish and Export
Exporting a video file
Exporting a frame
Exporting audio
XML export

N. Project Management and Archiving
Using the Project Manager