Premiere Elements 8

Premiere Elements 8


Total Run Time: 4 hrs

Learn how to import, edit, and output professional looking videos with Total Training for Adobe Premiere Elements 8.

  • Learn how to import and edit your video
  • Find out how to create an InstantMovie
  • See how to add special effects and fine-tune your sceneline
  • Discover how to add a soundtrack and add sound effects and voiceovers
  • Learn about the various ways of delivering your media

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Take your videos to a whole new level with Total Training for Adobe Premiere Elements 8. You’ll learn how to add effects, get media from other sources, apply transitions, and add text. You’ll also discover how to enhance your video, and master your audio, and deliver your final video via disc, online, or export for a mobile device.

Sample clip

Course outline


  1. Creating a New Project & Importing Media
  2. Workspace Overview
  3. Exploring User Preferences
  4. Using the Elements Organizer
Chapter 2: GETTING MEDIA (14 min)

  1. Capturing Video
  2. Getting Media from Other Sources

  1. Setting Up to Create an InstantMovie
  2. Selecting Clips in the Organize Tab
  3. Customizing a Theme & Playing the InstantMovie
  4. Customizing a Disc Menu Theme
  5. Burning a Disc
Chapter 4: BASIC EDITING (34 min)

  1. Setting Up Your Editing Project
  2. Trimming Clips & Arranging Them in the Sceneline
  3. Navigating the Timeline
  4. Editing Clips in the Timeline
  5. Splitting Clips
  6. Rough Cut Editing Demonstration
Chapter 5: BASIC SPECIAL EFFECTS (39 min)

  1. Applying Transitions in the Sceneline
  2. Editing Transitions in the Timeline
  3. Fine-Tuning Timeline Transitions
  4. Applying Video Eects
  5. Working with Text
Chapter 6: AUDIO WORKSHOP (38 min)

  1. Adding a Soundtrack & Sound Eect File to Your Project
  2. Adjusting Volume Levels & Balance
  3. Using SmartSound® Quicktracks®
  4. Recording a Voiceover Narration
  5. Adjusting Levels with Keyframes
  6. Using the SmartMixer to Automate Audio Adjustments
Chapter 7: ENHANCING YOUR VIDEO (37 min)

  1. Using the Time Stretch Tool
  2. Adding Multiple Video Tracks & Adjusting Opacity
  3. Adjusting Image Control Options
  4. Adjusting Motion & Creating a PiP Eect
  5. Creating Rolling Credits
  6. Importing a Still Image & Adding Motion
  7. Working with Motion Tracking & Clip Art
Chapter 8: DELIVERING YOUR MEDIA (26 min)

  1. Overview of Sharing Options
  2. Burning a Disc
  3. Sharing Online & Making a PC File
  4. Exporting for Mobile Devices & Advanced Settings
Chapter 9: TOURING NEW FEATURES (25 min)

  1. Creating an InstantMovie
  2. Auto-Analyzing Video
  3. Adding New Artwork & Animations
  4. Using Motion Tracking
  5. Adding an FLV to an Album in the Organizer
  6. Credits

Presenter Info

Jason BarbosaJason Barbosa is an editor and director who honed his production skills at William Paterson University. After studying Communication, Broadcast and Film, he began freelancing on small productions in New York City, building up his arsenal of production equipment, before eventually going it on his own. He currently produces events, music videos and promotional videos for Stand-up comedians. When he isn’t working on a production, you can find Jason in the studio presenting and teaching, or logged onto one of his multi player PC games, another one of his other passions.