Premiere Elements 7

Premiere Elements 7


Total Run Time: 4 hrs

With Total Training for Adobe Premiere Elements 7, you'll learn the workflow necessary to import, edit and export your video projects. This training will give you a good understanding of all the cool intuitive tools and easy-to-use effects available in Premiere Elements 7 that will give your video a professional polish.

  • Learn how to import video from a variety of sources.
  • Find out how to use InstantMovie to auto-create a project.
  • See how to add both static and motion graphics to your video projects.
  • Discover how to add a soundtrack to your movie.
  • Learn about the aesthetics of editing and how to edit clips on the timeline.


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Watch this Premiere Elements 7 training series, and learn just how easy it is to produce great looking video projects to share with the world.

Sample clip

Course outline


  1. Setting Up a New Project
  2. Project Settings vs. Preferences
  3. Touring the Interface

  1. Setting Up to Capture Media
  2. Capturing from a DV Camera
  3. Importing DVD Content via the Media Downloader
  4. Getting Media from PC Files & Folders
  5. Creating Albums
  6. Tagging & Rating Media
Chapter 3: QUICK START EDITING (17 min)

  1. Creating a New InstantMovie
  2. Choosing & Customizing a Theme
  3. Building Your InstantMovie
Chapter 4: EDITING ESSENTIALS (50 min)

  1. Brief History & Theory of Editing
  2. Importing Media
  3. Assembling a Movie in the Sceneline
  4. Introducing the Timeline
  5. Editing Clips in the Timeline
  6. Using Still Images as Clips
  7. Editing a Still Image in Photoshop(R) Elements

  1. Introducing Effects & Transitions
  2. Adding Transitions between Clips
  3. Adding Effects to Clips
  4. Editing Transitions & Effects
  5. Time Stretching & Rendering Clips
Chapter 6: WORKING WITH AUDIO (28 min)

  1. Adding a Background Music Track
  2. Using SmartSound(R) Quicktracks(R)
  3. Recording a Narration
  4. Adjusting Audio in the Timeline
Chapter 7: CREATING TITLES (46 min)

  1. Exploring Types of Titles
  2. Adding Markers in the Timeline
  3. Creating & Formatting a Still Title
  4. Adjusting Color Properties & Saving a Style
  5. Creating a Crawling Title
  6. Creating a Rolling Title Using a Title Template
  7. Adding More Tracks to the Timeline
  8. Using an Animated Graphic in a Title Design
Chapter 8: CREATING A SLIDESHOW (16 min)

  1. Adding Images to the Sceneline
  2. Adding Transitions & Audio to a Slideshow
  3. Automating a Slideshow & Setting a Default Transition
Chapter 9: DEPLOYING YOUR VIDEO (39 min)

  1. Understanding Different Formats for Export
  2. Sharing Your Videos Online
  3. Creating a Video to Email
  4. Creating a Video for Mobile Devices
  5. Creating a Video for DVD & Blu-ray
Chapter 10: ADVANCED TECHNIQUES (26 min)

  1. Animating the Motion Property
  2. Editing to the Beat
  3. Creating a Picture-in-Picture Effect
  4. Creating a Freeze Frame & Exporting a Still
  5. Credits

Presenter Info

Jerron SmithJerron is an instructor with AGI Training and also an adjunct instructor in the Communication Arts department at the New York Institute of Technology. He is a contributing author to the Adobe Flash CS4 Digital Classroom, and Adobe Photoshop Elements Digital Classroom. Jerron completed his undergraduate work at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and then completed his Master’s studies in Communications Arts at the New York Institute of Technology.