PowerPoint 2016 for PC – Working with Pictures


Welcome to the PowerPoint® 2016 – Working with Pictures online training series presented by Kenneth Gammel. In this series, we will learn how to insert a picture into a slide from a file on your computer and from an online source, learn how to crop and resize pictures on a slide and use the Correction and Color tools.

Length: 36 min

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In this PowerPoint 2016 for PC – Working with Pictures course, we will explore applying a style border and effect to a picture, creating a photo album and learning to share it. Lastly, we will look into some new video features, including creating a video out of your presentation, and inserting a screen recording into your presentation.

Sample clip

A. Working with Pictures
Insert a picture
Insert an online picture
Resize a picture
Use the Cropping tools and Crop options
Correction tools
Color tool
Artistic Effect and Picture Layout tools
Remove Background tool
Set Transparent color
Apply a picture style
Format the picture border
Apply a picture effect
Advanced picture effects
Change a picture
Reset a picture
Compress a picture

B. Photo Albums
Create a photo album
Edit a photo album
Share your album

C. Video
Save your presentation as a video
Add a screen recording