PowerPoint 2016 for PC – Animation & Effects


Animations can help make a PowerPoint® presentation more interesting and make information more memorable.  In this PowerPoint 2016 for PC – Animation & Effects online training series presented by Kenneth Gammel, we will learn how to apply animation and effects to text, pictures, SmartArt® graphics, charts, and more.

Length: 44 min

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In this PowerPoint 2016 for PC – Animation & Effects course, learn about the most common types of animation effects, include Entrance and Exit. You can also apply Emphasis effects, Motion Path effects, and add Sound to increase the intensity of the animated effects. With all of the animation options available, it’s easy to use too many effects. It is recommended you use animation and sound sparingly. Lastly, we will learn to record and add a narration to a presentation.

Sample clip

A. Animations
Overview of Animations
Using the Animations pane
Making Changes in the Animation pane
Animations for emphasis effects
Change animation effect options
Apply animation to a SmartArt graphic
Change the animation timing
Apply multiple animations to a single object
Reorder animation effects on a slide
Remove an animation effect
Set text animation to appear in reverse order
Add sounds to an animation
View additional animations
Animation painter
Animate parts of a chart

B. Motion Paths
Overview of motion paths
Change motion path properties
Edit a motion path
Draw a custom motion path
Reverse a motion path

C. Transitions & Effects
Apply transition effects to a slide
Apply transition timings to slides
Rehearse and record transition timings
Setting up to record/add a narration
Recording/adding a narration
Turn off presentation slide timings/narrations