Photoshop Mix


In this Photoshop Mix training course by Jason Holder, you'll learn how Mix is a nondestructive photo editor, so as you work with your photos you are not making any permanent changes to the original. Mix also provides a simple and intuitive interface, connections to your Creative Cloud images, Lightroom® mobile and online, and access to photos on your camera roll and even Facebook®. With Photoshop Mix, you can explore your creative side with the tip of your finger.

Platform: iPad and Device

Length: 10 min

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In this Photoshop Mix training course, you’ll learn how ​Photoshop® Mix on the iPad® allows you to do many of the photo editing functions you would normally believe could only be done on a full desktop version of Photoshop. You can enhance and apply filters (looks), you can cut out and combine up to two images, and you can leverage the power of Photoshop Online by applying additional edits and looks on Adobe® Creative Cloud®.

Sample clip

A. Getting Started
What is the purpose?
What does the final product look like?

B. Basics
Explore the user interface
Accessing files
Sharing and saving files

C. Using the Tools of the App
Cut out

D. Cloud-Enabled Tools
More edits

E. Next Step
Other uses, ideas, samples