Photoshop Lightroom: Essentials

Photoshop Lightroom: Essentials


Total Run Time: 3 hrs This series will show you how to use Lightroom to quickly and efficiently import, manipulate and output your photos with ease– you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Highlights

  • Learn to perform non-destructive adjustments to a single image and batch apply them to any or all of your images.
  • Deliver images to your clients or your stock agency quickly and efficiently with customizable export options.
  • Take advantage of pre-sets to easily automate repetitive tasks and save favorite layouts by creating templates.
  • Save time with the ability to simultaneously import to multiple drives while re-naming and appending metadata and keywords
  • Discover how to use the new sharpening tools and apply accurate capture sharpening without having to go to Photoshop or a 3rd party specialty tool.

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Ric quickly gets you up to speed, introducing you to the Lightroom interface and workspace, showing you how to set up your preferences and personalize Lightroom to suit your workflow. You will learn how to import, store and name files using keywords and discover the many features of the Lightroom Library and how to get the most from the Develop Module. Plus, explore all of the export options available using the Slideshow, Web and Print Modules to output your images professionally.

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Course outline


  1. Importing Overview
  2. Rating & Sorting Overview
  3. Develop Module Overview
  4. Exporting & Sharing Overview
Chapter 2: SETUP & PREFERENCES (20 min)

  1. Creating & Placing a Catalog
  2. Setting Preferences
  3. Catalog Settings
  4. Personalizing Lightroom
  5. Notes on Color Management
Chapter 3: IMPORTING PHOTOS (18 min)

  1. Import Options
  2. Image Storage & Naming Conventions
  3. Customizing Presets in the Import Dialog Box
  4. Using Keywords upon Import
Chapter 4: THE INTERFACE & WORKSPACES (08 min)

  1. Touring the Lightroom Interface
  2. The Library View Options
Chapter 5: THE LIGHTROOM LIBRARY (30 min)

  1. Library Find Options
  2. Modify & Display Options & the Filmstrip
  3. Creating a Collection
  4. Adjusting the White Balance & Rating Images
  5. Adding Keywords & Compare & Survey Views
  6. Sorting by Flags & Rating by Color
  7. Using the Painter Tool
Chapter 6: THE DEVELOP MODULE (25 min)

  1. Navigator, Presets, Snapshots & History
  2. Histogram, Basic, Tone Curve & HSL Options
  3. Split Toning, Detail, Lens Corrections & Camera Calibration
  4. Exploring the Toolbar
  5. Processing the Photo
  6. Cropping & Retouching
Chapter 7: EXPORTING OPTIONS (10 min)

  1. Preparing for Export
  2. Exploring Export Options
  3. Exporting for Specialized Web Uses
Chapter 8: THE SLIDESHOW MODULE (09 min)

  1. Slideshow Options, Layout & Overlays
  2. Backdrop, Playback & Create New Preset
Chapter 9: THE WEB MODULE (09 min)

  1. Web Image Settings
  2. Previewing in a Browser
Chapter 10: THE PRINT MODULE (09 min)

  1. Templates, Batch Printing & Contact Sheets
  2. Page Setup, Cell Size & Print Job Settings
  3. Creating a Poster from a Template
  4. Final Comments & Credits

Presenter Info

Ric KasnoffRic Kasnoff is an award-winning, professional photographer with over 35 years of industry experience. His work has taken him into the nature, travel stock, advertising and product photography fields.

Ric has always sought to blend the best of traditional techniques with the latest in modern technology. This has led to his being certified both as an expert and instructor in professional level image manipulation and delivery. He has trained thousands of photographers in seminars and workshops throughout the US and abroad, led Photo Safaris to remote locations and has been presented with over 100 art directors and industry awards for his work.