Photoshop Elements 9: What’s New


Total Run Time: 1 hr

With Total Training for Photoshop Elements 9 – What's New, you'll learn to create beautifully layered photos using layer masks, repair and retouch photos using the new content aware spot healing brush, and how easy it really is to upload and share all of your favorite photos on Facebook.


  1. Discover Fun Edits – Lomo Camera Edits, Out of Bounds, Perfect Portraits, Pop Art, and Reflection
  2. Learn how to use Layer masks
  3. Upload your photos to Facebook
  4. Use the Content aware spot healing brush
  5. Photomerge & Match Styles on your favorite photos

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Discover how to create incredible photography effects like pop art, how to make quick fun edits using guided tools, how to use Photomerge and match the style of a photo automatically. Making photos look great has never been easier with this Photoshop Elements 9 training!

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Course outline

Chapter 1: WORKING WITH FUN EDITS (31min)

  1. Achieving a Lomo Camera Effect
  2. Going Outside the Frame with Out Of Bounds
  3. Creating a Perfect Portrait
  4. Creating a Warhol Look with Pop Art
  5. Generating a Reflection of an Image
Chapter 2: USING LAYER MASKS (11 min)

  1. Creating a Spot Color Image
  2. Merging Two Photos Using a Layer Mask
Chapter 3: UPLOADING TO FACEBOOK (04min)

  1. Batch Renaming Files & Exporting
  2. Using the Share to Facebook Feature

  1. Removing Dust & Scratches
  2. Removing People from Photos
Chapter 5: MATCHING STYLES (08 min)

  1. Using PhotomergeĀ® Style Match to Stylize Photos
  2. Adding Your Own Photos to the Style Bin
  3. Credits

Presenter Info

Mike GunterMike Gunter has been shooting pictures since he picked up his first camera, a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, and he’s been shooting pictures ever since. Following a combat tour in Vietnam where he received his commission, Lieutenant Gunter worked for the Associated Press while attending college. Photographing editorial and advertising (and attending school and getting a Masters and post graduate study) lead to return to active duty and posts in South America. Mike has taught photography, Photoshop, and languages at various colleges and universities in the United States. He is a contributor to many publications, among them Infantry, Christian Science Monitor, and is a past editor of Adelante and Airpower Journal.