Photoshop CS4 Extended: Advanced

Photoshop CS4 Extended: Advanced


Total Run Time: 7.2 hrs

Take your Photoshop CS4 skills to a new level with Total Training for Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended: Advanced. With Jennifer Smith as your host, you'll learn how to give your images a professional touch. You'll discover advanced level techniques for color correction, photo retouching, and compositing using Photoshop.


  1. Learn how to use Bridge for file management, Slideshows & Web Galleries.
  2. Discover professional techniques for color correcting images.
  3. Learn to use Smart Objects, Adjustment Layers & Masks for non-destructive editing.
  4. Create compositions using the Selection tools, Blending modes, and more.
  5. See how to create & utilize 3D objects.
  6. Find out how to use the Timeline panel for creating animations.


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In this Photoshop CS4 Extended: Advanced series, you’ll learn how to optimize your images for the web and how to work with animation. If you already know the fundamentals of Photoshop, get ready to take what you know one step further and learn tips and techniques that will impress even the most seasoned Photoshop user!

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Course outline


  1. Tour of the Photoshop CS4 Interface
  2. Customizing Workspaces
  3. Customizing Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Customizing File Menus
  5. Arranging Documents & Navigation
  6. More Options, Preferences & Presets
Chapter 2: USING ADOBE BRIDGE (47 min)

  1. Managing Color Settings
  2. Organizing Files
  3. Batch Renaming & Generating a PDF Contact Sheet
  4. Metadata, Keywords, Filters & Find
  5. Creating a Panoramic Image Using Photomerge®
  6. Creating a Web Photo Gallery
  7. Exporting a PDF Slideshow
Chapter 3: TIME-SAVING TIPS (43 min)

  1. Tips for Creating Print Documents
  2. Tips for Creating Web Documents
  3. Recording Actions & Creating a Droplet
  4. Using the History Panel
Chapter 4: MAKING SELECTIONS (65 min)

  1. Using the Pen Tool
  2. Using the Marquee Selection Tools & the Magic Wand Tool
  3. Removing a Background with Magic Eraser & Defringe
  4. Using the Quick Selection Tool & Rening a Mask
  5. Compositing
  6. Using Channels to Save & Load Selections
  7. Working with Pantone® & Other Spot Colors
Chapter 5: PAINTING & RETOUCHING (41 min)

  1. Using a Custom Brush, Quick Mask Mode & Rotate Canvas
  2. Using Channels for Complex Selections
  3. The Healing Brushes, Creating Patterns & the Patch Tool
  4. Using the Clone Stamp Tool & Clone Source Panel
  5. Working with Layer Blending Modes
  6. Changing a Color with the Color Blending Mode & an Adjustment Layer
Chapter 6: CREATING COMPOSITIONS (461 min)

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts for Working with Layers
  2. Keyboard Shortcuts for Transparency & Grouping
  3. Combining Vector & Pixel Masks
  4. Applying Blending Modes & Layer Styles
  5. Saving Versions of Layer Comps
  6. Creating Knockouts & Clipping Groups

  1. Editing Smart Objects
  2. Working with Smart Filters
  3. Using Adjustment Layers with Smart Objects, Part 1
  4. Using Adjustment Layers with Smart Objects, Part 2
Chapter 8: COLOR CORRECTION (43 min)

  1. Understanding Color Settings
  2. Removing a Color Cast by Adjusting Curves
  3. Adjusting Curves, Hue/Saturation & Unsharp Mask
  4. Correcting Skin Tone

  1. Content-Aware Scaling & Creating Vector Text
  2. Working with Custom Vector Shapes
  3. Creating a Custom Shape from an Illustrator® Path
Chapter 10: CREATING IMAGES FOR THE WEB (30 min)

  1. Optimizing Files
  2. Slicing Images for the Web Using CSS or Tables
  3. Creating Basic Frame Animations & Saving for the Web
Chapter 11: WORKING WITH 3D & ANIMATION (20 min)

  1. Creating a 3D Sphere & Using the 3D Tools
  2. Editing a 3D Texture
  3. Animating 3D Objects
  4. Exporting & Resizing an Animation
  5. Credits

Presenter Info

Jennifer Smith’s expertise bridges the gap between design, and development of print, web, and interactive design. Her career started when she was one of the first creative directors to push the limits of technology and its integration with design. She has since managed and developed projects for companies such as Adobe, Microsoft, Hershey Foods, Hasbro and more. She has written over a dozen books on technology and design, as well as over 100 publications used for curriculum. Her books include: Digital Classroom: Adobe Photoshop CS4, The Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium for Dummies (versions CS thru CS4), Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium (versions CS3 thru CS4) and several more. Jennifer is the co–founder of American Graphics Institute.