Photoshop CC Masterclass, Part 2


Become an Adobe Photoshop CC Master with this intensive training course. Picking up where Photoshop CC Masterclass, Part 1 left off, you will now learn how to: retouch images, utilize Camera Raw, add text, export your work, integrate Lightroom into your workflow & more!
Length: 4 hrs 45 min

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In Photoshop CC Masterclass, Part 2, follow along as Adobe Certified Expert, Martin Perhiniak guides you through intermediate and more advanced techniques using Adobe Photoshop CC. By the time you’ve finished this course, you will have a deep understanding of retouching tools, such as the Clone Stamp and Healing Brushes, as well as how to incorporate other tools, such as Bridge, Camera Raw, and Lightroom, into your workflow.

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to get into the creative industry and gain a rock-solid Photoshop foundation. You will gain a familiarity with the terms and specifications of digital imaging, which is critical for anyone planning to master Photoshop. With more than 10 years’ experience teaching Photoshop, Martin formulates a course structure that is comprehensive, but still streamlined enough to make it easy to follow and digest.

As the title suggests, this course is a continuation of Photoshop CC Masterclass, Part 1, which brings an additional 7 hours of training content. Together, the two series provide one complete and comprehensive course.

Martin was voted to be one of the top 10 Adobe instructors in the world by student feedback in 2015. Along the way, besides the technical knowledge you need, Martin will also teach you a lot about design principles, compositional techniques, and plenty of best practices that he picked up and developed while working as a designer and retoucher on projects such as Pixar’s Cars and Toy
Story, BBC’s Dr. Who, and Mattel’s Team Hot Wheels.

This training focuses on Photoshop CC 2015, but the presenter is sure to point
out where features apply to previous versions of the software.


Sample clip

Chapter 01 RETOUCHING IN PHOTOSHOP 2 hrs 9 min
Lesson 01 Introduction to Retouching in Photoshop
Lesson 02 Healing Brushes
Lesson 03 Clone Stamp Tool
Lesson 04 Advanced Clone Stamp Techniques
Lesson 05 Using the Liquify Filter
Lesson 06 Content-aware Techniques
Lesson 07 Dodge& Burn Tools
Lesson 08 Retouching Portraits
Lesson 09 Restoration & Coloring of images

Lesson 01 Introduction to Bridge & Camera Raw
Lesson 02 Bridge Integration
Lesson 03 Adobe Camera Raw

Lesson 01 Introduction to Type in Photoshop
Lesson 02 Working with Text
Lesson 03 Formatting Text
Lesson 04 Techniques with Text

Lesson 01 Introduction to Saving & Exporting
Lesson 02 Saving Your Work
Lesson 03 Creating Print-ready PDFs
Lesson 04 Saving Files for the Web

Chapter 05 PHOTOSHOP WORKFLOWS 1 hr 10 min
Lesson 01 Introduction to Photoshop Workflows
Lesson 02 Timeline Panel
Lesson 03 3D Layers
Lesson 04 Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Lesson 05 User Experience Design
Lesson 06 Photoshop Apps
Lesson 07 Prepare for the ACA Exam
Lesson 08 Build Your Portfolio
Lesson 09 Conclusion
Lesson 10 Credits

martin perhiniak headshot  Martin is a Certified Adobe Design Master and Instructor. He has worked as a designer with companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network, Sony Pictures, Mattel, and DC Comics. He is currently working in London as a designer and instructor as well as providing a range of services from live online training to consultancy work to individuals worldwide.

Martin’s Motto: “Do not compare yourself to your role models. Work hard and wait for the moment when others will compare them to you.”