Outlook 2016 for PC


In this Outlook 2016 for PC online course, you'll learn how to setup Microsoft® Outlook® 2016 on your PC, send and receive e-mails, setup contacts, rules, and print your emails and attachments.

Platform: PC

Assessments included.

Length: 37 min

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In this Outlook 2016 for PC training course, presenter Dan Fanella begins by showing you what’s new in this version, then moves on to cover the basics of e-mail, view options, calendars, and scheduling. By the time you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a firm grasp of managing contacts and notes, creating tasks, and even printing your Outlook data.

This course is for Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Windows.

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A. Getting Started
What you’ll learn in this series

B. What’s New?
Navigate between Outlook elements
Customize and change email signatures
Weather forecast in calendar

C. Email Basics
Setting up Outlook 2016
Create a new message and add an attachment
Preview, open, and save attachments
Check spelling and grammar
Save unsent message as draft
Reply to or forward a message
Set up and run rules
Format text in a message

D. Views
Preview messages
Mark a message as read or unread
Group and ungroup messages

E. Calendars and Scheduling
Navigate the calendar
Schedule an appointment
Schedule a meeting

F. Contacts
Find a contact
Forward a contact
Add a contact picture
Email a contact
Changing contact view
Delete a contact

G. Notes
Create a note
Sort and categorize notes

H. Tasks
Create a task
Flag an email message

I. Printing
Print an email message and attachments
Print a contact