ORACLE Java SE 8 Certification Prep

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Programmer 1 & Programmer 2 certifications – All about Java, NetBeans & more!

In this ORACLE Java SE 8 Certification Prep course, you’ll learn all the terms that are part of the Java Standard edition. Get ready to dive into this intensive and robust training covering NetBeans, data types, flow control, packages, serialization, and so much more!

Length: 14 hrs

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Whether you are a beginner looking to learn Java or you’re an experienced programmer looking for a course in how to prepare for ORACLE certification, this ORACLE Java SE 8 Certification Prep course is for you!

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Many employers emphasize the importance of ORACLE certification when it comes to job applications, which is proof that you really do possess the knowledge required.

This course is divided into 10 sections, and project files are included for download so you can follow along step-by-step. For this course you need to install JDK and NetBeans, this will be explained in one of the video lessons. It does not matter which operating system you are using (Mac, Windows, Linux), you will definitely be able to follow this course.

Section 1
  Before we start (download)
  Introduction to Java (17:47)
  NetBeans development environment and writing the first program (19:42)
  Java syntax (9:21)
Section 2
  Data types (10:23)
  Variables (13:20)
  Operators (18:27)
  Arrays (18:11)
Section 3
  Flow control if (16:34)
  Flow control switch (8:48)
  For loop (17:36)
  While and do (12:32)
Section 4
  Classes and objects (13:03)
  Members of the class (34:00)
  Inheritance and polymorphism (24:58)
  Abstract classes and interfaces (9:45)
  Packages (9:19)
Section 5
  String (25:34)
  Enumerations (14:33)
  Collections (12:40)
  Date and time (18:37)
  Processing and generating exceptions (22:55)
  Data flows (25:58)
  Serialization (14:43)
  Files (26:27)
  What next (download)
Section 6
  Generic Data Types (23:15)
  Reflection (20:13)
  Events (14:27)
  Regular expressions (26:02)
  Advanced work with classes (14:35)
  Design templates (26:51)
Section 7
  Introduction to work with databases (22:47)
  Working with MySQL database (24:59)
Section 8
  Introduction to Internet Network Protocols (download)
  TCP Socket programming (18:36)
  UDP Socket programming (17:01)
  HTTP Handling (20:21)
  JavaMail (24:08)
Section 9
  Introduction to the thread (download)
  Thread handling (20:03)
  Competition and synchronization of threads (10:17)
Section 10
  Introduction to 2D graphics and AWT (15:45)
  Java AWT Layouts (26:25)
  Java AWT controls (35:38)
  Java 2D – geometry handling (21:22)
  Manipulating with text and images (12:55)
  Print (9:07)

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