OneNote 2016 for PC


OneNote® 2016 is the perfect tool to help you become more organized, acting as a digital notebook. In this OneNote 2016 for PC online training series, you'll learn how to create digital notebooks that contain various sections and pages.

Length: 43 min

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In this OneNote 2016 for PC course, delve into topics such as tools, ribbons, formatting, tables, sharing notes, and more! Pages created in OneNote can contain typed text, handwritten text that can be converted to typed text, images, spreadsheets, and even audio or video recordings. Once you’ve created your notebooks, you’ll learn how to tag items and you’ll understand how this can help you to improve your method of organization.

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A. Getting Started
Create a new notebook
Open a notebook
Save notes and notebook

B. Basics
Create a note
Create a new page
Pages and subpages
Print options
Move and reorder pages and link

C. Notes
Takes notes
Create a list
Work with Text blocks
Add files
Add an Excel® spreadsheet
Record audio or video notes
Insert calculations and equations
Take linked notes
Format pages and apply templates and themes
Incorporating Internet information

D. Tools & Ribbons
Hide and display the ribbon
Customize the quick access toolbar
Ribbon overview

E. Formatting
Format text
Change section and page colors
Insert date and time
Merge note containers
Create a link

F. Tables
Insert a table
Convert a table to an Excel worksheet
Format a table

G. Images, Attachments & Media
Insert an image
Edit an image
Insert a screen clip or capture
Insert online video

H. Manage Notes
Create Outlook tasks in OneNote
Create a new section
Apply and search tags
Create an outline

I. Sharing
Send notes as an email
Export notes
Share a notebook
Password protect notes
Stop sharing a note or notebook
Save & Delete
Save and back up
Delete a page
Delete a notebook