In this OneDrive online training series, you'll learn about Microsoft® OneDrive®, which has apps available for all the major phone, tablet and computer platforms, so you can always stay in the loop with your files.

Platform: Mac, PC, Device & iPad

Length: 11 minutes

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In this OneDrive training course, presented by Jason Holder, you’ll learn how to organize files and keep them safe. Then you’ll learn how to navigate the Microsoft OneDrive website. By the time you’ve finished this tutorial, you’ll know how to use OneDrive on all your devices.

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A. Getting Started
What you’ll learn in this training
Uploading photos and files
Organizing, deleting, and restoring files and folders
Keeping your files safe
Using OneDrive with Office

B. OneDrive Website
Changing views
Sharing files and folders and changing permissions

C. OneDrive on Your Computer
OneDrive on your Mac or PC
Fetching your files

D. OneDrive on Your Devices
OneDrive on your Android, iOS, Windows phone and tablets