Office 365 – Administrator


This introductory Office 365 – Administrator series is meant to give you a foundation of the primary tasks administrators complete on a daily basis as well as give you a tour of the updated interface.

Length: 23 minutes

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In this Office 365 – Administrator online course, you will learn to complete basic Microsoft® Office 365™ administrator tasks. These tasks include creating users and mailboxes, working with shared mailboxes, working with external contacts, and managing sites.

Office 365 – Administrator is written by Teresa Potter & narrated by Marten Dollinger.

Sample clip

A. Getting Started
What you’ll learn in this training

B. Administrator Tools Overview
View Users and groups
View Domains
Company Profile

C. Managing Users
Add User
Bulk Add Tool
Edit User
Assign User as Admin
Change Password
Delete User
Restore User

D. Contacts, Groups, and Mailboxes
Create new External Contact
Editing external contact details
Deleting an external contact
Creating a new distribution group
Viewing a distribution group
Editing a distribution group
Deleting a distribution group
Creating a shared mailbox
Using a shared mailbox
Editing a shared mailbox
Deleting a shared mailbox

E. Sites
Overview of sites
Team Sites
Editing the Team Site
Public Website
Editing Public Website