Total Run Time: 3.5 hrs

With Total Training for Adobe Muse, Adobe specialist Jeremy Goldberg will teach you how to build beautiful websites without writing any code. Instead of thinking about technology, simply focus on design by combining graphics, stunning typography, and rich interactivity.

Add unique tablet and phone layouts to your website with complete control and then publish your website to the provider of your choice. Adobe Muse makes building websites easy and fast.


  1. How to build a complete website without writing any code
  2. How to define Master pages
  3. How to add beautiful typography with web fonts
  4. How to add rich interactivity with widgets
  5. How to make custom mobile sites

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By the time you have completed watching this Adobe Muse training series, you’ll know how to build a great website without writing any code and have all the skills you need to add graphics, beautiful typography and rich interactivity to your projects. You will also be able to create custom mobile designs and publish your website with just a few clicks.

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Course outline

Chapter 1: MUSE FUNDAMENTALS (39 min)

  1. Reviewing a Site Created in Muse
  2. Setting Up a New Site & Interface Overview
  3. Placing Graphics
  4. Adding Text
  5. Using Widgets
  6. Styling Content
  7. Creating Button States
Chapter 2: CREATING A NEW SITE (18 min)

  1. Exploring Site Options
  2. Creating a Site Map & Master Pages
  3. Page Properties & Metadata
Chapter 3: SETTING UP THE MASTER PAGE (29 min)

  1. Understanding Page Rulers & Guides
  2. Choosing a Browser Fill
  3. Adding Header & Footer Content
  4. Setting Up a Navigation Widget
  5. Working with 100 Percent Browser Width Items
Chapter 4: BUILDING THE WEBSITE (20 min)

  1. Organizing, Relinking & Updating Assets
  2. Working with Hyperlinks
  3. Pinning & Anchoring
  4. Adding Tooltips & Alternative Text to Images
Chapter 5: WORKING WITH TEXT (18 min)

  1. Choosing Fonts
  2. Formatting Text
  3. Applying Character & Paragraph Styles
Chapter 6: USING WIDGETS (38 min)

  1. Customizing a Slideshow Layout
  2. Creating a Lightbox
  3. Adding Accordion Panels
  4. Using Tabbed Panels
  5. Adding Tooltips
  6. Styling a Contact Form
  7. Embedding HTML
Chapter 7: MOBILE WEB DESIGN (13 min)

  1. Overview & Setup
  2. Transferring Your Desktop Content
  3. Rethinking Your Content
Chapter 08: PUBLISHING YOUR SITE (11 min)

  1. Exporting as HTML
  2. Upload via FTP or Adobe Business Catalyst(R)
  3. Updating Your Site
Chapter 9: ADDITIONAL TIPS & TRICKS (12 min)

  1. Adding Site Analytics
  2. Integrating with Adobe Edge Animate
  3. Optimizing Graphics for Retina Displays
  4. Closing Credits
Chapter 10: New Features (February 2013)S (12 min)

  1. Hierarchical Master Pages
  2. Moving Items to Background/Foreground
  3. Checking Spelling
  4. Additional Improvements & Enhancements

Presenter Info

Jeremy GoldbergJeremy Goldberg is a forward thinking graphic designer from Scottsdale, Arizona with a focus in design, web, UI/UX, and brand identity. A professional freelance designer since 2006, Jeremy also serves as a member on two advisory boards at Adobe. Jeremy works from every day inspiration and is looking forward to releasing a handful of exciting new projects. You can visit Jeremy’s website at