MOTU Digital Performer: Introduction

MOTU Digital Performer: Introduction


Total Run Time: 3 hrs

Les Brockmann, a veteran audio engineer, demonstrates that even though MOTU Digital Performer was originally designed for professional studio production, film scoring, live performance and remixing, it can be easily used for professional results for all levels of users from home recording enthusiasts to recording studios.

Topics include

  1. Quick Start Guide
  2. Digital Performer File Management
  3. Digital Performer Screen Features and UI
  4. Tempo, Metronome and Timing
  5. Navigating in Digital Performer
  6. Editing in Digital Performer
  7. All about Audio in Digital Performer
  8. Mixing Audio in Digital Performer
  9. Using Video in Digital Performer
  10. Learning More about Digital Performer

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In this MOTU Digital Performer: Introduction tutorial, Les demonstrates how to record live instruments, record and import MIDI files, sequence and how you can edit your finished project for export in many different file formats. By the time this tutorial is completed you will understand topics like file management, mixing audio, using video, tempo and timing.

Sample clip

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Quick Start Guide (46 min)

  1. Quick Start Guide Part 1
  2. Quick Start Guide Part 2
  3. Quick Start Guide Part 3
  4. Quick Start Guide Part 4
  5. Quick Start Guide Part 5
  6. Quick Start Guide Part 6
Chapter 2: Digital Performer File Management (10 min)

  1. The Digital Performer Project
  2. The File Menu-Creating a New Project and Saving
  3. The File Menu-Opening a Project
Chapter 3: Digital Performer Screen Features and UI (33 min)

  1. The Control Panel
  2. Using the Windows
  3. Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts
  4. The Six Time Registers
Chapter 4: Tempo, Metronome and Timing (5 min)

  1. Tempo Control and Advanced Features
Chapter 5: Navigating in Digital Performer (11 min)

  1. The Markers Window
  2. The Chunks Window
Chapter 6: Editing in Digital Performer (24 min)

  1. Editing and Manipulating MIDI
  2. Manipulating MIDI
  3. Editing Windows for Audio
Chapter 7: All About Audio in Digital Performer (22 min)

  1. Types of Tracks/Technical Details About Digital Audio
  2. Audio Bundles and Inputs, Outputs and Buses
  3. Monitoring, Buffer Settings and the Setup Menu
  4. The Soundbites Window
Chapter 8: Mixing Audio in Digital Performer (41 min)

  1. The Mixer Window-A Guided Tour and the V-Rack
  2. Mix Setup 1- Using Buses, Monitoring and the Master Fader Track
  3. Mix Setup 2- Plug-Ins and Aux Tracks
  4. Making a Mix- Applying Plug-Ins, Reverb, Effects, Balance and Panning, Managing Mix Levels and Laying Down the Mix
  5. Editing and Exporting the Mix
Chapter 9: Using Video in Digital Performer (5 min)

  1. Video in Digital Performer
Chapter 10: Learning More About Digital Performer (2 min)

  1. Learning More – MOTU Website, the Manual, Tech Support and

Presenter Info

Les BrockmannLes is a Los Angeles based engineer who has engineered projects that have garnered Grammy and Academy Awards. With over 20 years experience in audio engineering, Les is the consummate professional whether hes scoring, mixing live events or digitally editing. With experience that ranges from work on motion pictures, television, theatrical and music recording, Les works with a diverse client list that includes Fox, ABC, HBO, Warner Brothers, MCA, Disney, Sony and Yamaha. In addition, he is an instructor for UCLA Extensions Department of Entertainment Studies.