Melodyne: An Introduction

Melodyne: An Introduction


Total Run Time: 0.7 hrs

Join composer and violinist Laura Escudé to learn about Melodyne, the perfect software tool for pitch shifting, time stretching, and correcting the intonation and timing of a vocal or musical performance. Thanks to its unique audio editing possibilities and its unrivaled sound quality, Melodyne is highly regarded by musicians, producers and sound designers all over the world who use it in music, film and radio.

Topics include

  1. What Is Melodyne, Basic Preferences Setup
  2. Arrangement Window, Edit Window, Transport, Mixer
  3. Importing Audio, Auto Pitch, Auto Tune
  4. Pitch, Formant, Amplitude, Move Notes, Note Separation
  5. Copying and Pasting Notes, Scale Snap
  6. ReWire Host, ReWire Slave, Melodyne Bridge
  7. Saving, Exporting

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In this introductory Melodyne course, Laura shows you the basic functions and tools to get you started on pitch correction and harmonizing your music. With Melodyne you can actually do the impossible – and do it easily.

Sample clip

Course outline

Chapter 1: Introduction (4 min)

Chapter 2: Overview (5 min)

Chapter 3: Getting Started (3 min)

Chapter 4: Tools (10 min)

Chapter 5: Creating Harmonies (8 min)

Chapter 6: Interfacing With Other Programs (7 min)

Chapter 7: Finishing Your Session (2 min)

Presenter Info

Laura is a Los Angeles-based violinist, composer, sound designer, educator and music technologist. Formerly the West Coast Product Specialist for Ableton, she is an avid user of Ableton Live. Escudé performs regularly around Los Angeles at events, does session work & sound design for commercials & film & has performed & recorded for composers such as Carmen Rizzo, Eric Whitacre & artists such as Sage Francis & PlatEAU. Laura’s solo project encompasses a myriad of genres utilizing live electronics, synthesis, found sounds, samples & violin affected by hardware & software. She combines experimentalism on the violin with rich cinematic electronic sounds. Escudé has performed at the L.A. Art Fest, L.A. County Museum of Art, Apple Stores, Shocker, Create:Fixate, KSPC 88.7, KXLU 88.9, Cyberstock, Cinespace, Nova Express, Center Camp Café at Burning Man, Burning Man Decompression, LAPOV at the Pacific Design Center, The Scene, Sci-Arc, The Architecture & Design Museum, the SAE Institute of Technology & the Autry National Museum, just to name a few. Visit Laura at