QuickBooks 2016: Mastering QuickBooks 2016 Advanced

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QuickBooks makes basic accounting easy, but to truly take advantage of the power and efficiency of this popular accounting tool, you’ll want to dive into the advanced features. With this 5+ hour Mastering QuickBooks 2016 Advanced course, you will learn to use QuickBooks like a pro!

Length: 5 hrs 14 min

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This Mastering QuickBooks 2016 Advanced course is highly requested to help customers move beyond the basics of QuickBooks and use features like payroll, sales tax, timesheets, barter transactions, and the document center correctly.

Objectives. You will be able to:

  • Describe how inventory adjustments and assemblies function
  • Create customized invoices
  • Use the QuickBooks document center, bank feed center, audit trail, and timesheets

In this course, you will learn how to use QuickBooks Pro to:

  • Track vehicle mileage
  • Manage payroll tax forms & e-filing
  • Handle, sick, vacation, and PTO time
  • Track and pay sales tax
  • Work with customer deposits and retainers
  • Use the QuickBooks document center, bank feed center, audit trail, and timesheets

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  1. Introduction
  2. Company Snapshot
  3. Users and Security
  4. Vehicle Mileage
  5. Budgets
  6. Cash Flow Forecasting
  7. Multiple List Items
  8. Memorize Transactions 
  9. The Bank Feed Center
  10. Bank Reconciliation
  11. Recurring Credit Card Charges
  12. Employee and Payroll Center
  13. Setting Up Employees
  14. Default Employee Template



  1. Payroll Items
  2. Sick Vacation and PTO
  3. Direct Deposit
  4. Preparing Paychecks
  5. Liability Payments
  6. Payroll Tax Forms and E-file
  7. Voiding Paychecks
  8. Sales Tax
  9. 1099’s
  10. Inventory Adjustments
  11. Inventory Assembles
  12. Customer Deposits
  13. Recording Barter Transactions
  14. Customizing Invoices
  15. Entering Timesheets
  16. Invoicing Customers from Timesheets
  17. Payroll from Timesheets



  1. The Document Center
  2. The Audit Trail
  3. Income and Bill Tracker
  4. Fixing Common Errors
  5. Advanced Reporting
  6. Statement of Cash Flow

Rayanne BuchianicoRayanne Buchianico, EA is the owner of ABC Solutions, LLC, a consulting firm in Clearwater, Florida providing complete accounting, business, and tax consulting services to IT Professionals in the United States, particularly to those using Autotask and looking to integrate with their accounting systems. She is a Certified QuickBooks Professional Advisor and offers courses and blogs tips on QuickBooks regularly. She is featured regularly in ‘Odd Tuesdays’ podcasts.

Rayanne was named to the SMB150 list by SMB Nation and SMBTN for the past three years and honored with the 2012 Jim Locke Memorial Community Award. She holds a degree in Accounting and is qualified to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.

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