Outlook 2016: Mastering Outlook 2016 – Basics

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This ’Mastering Outlook 2016 – Basics’ course is the first step in becoming an Microsoft Outlook master! With over 3 hours of high-quality engaging content, you’ll learn how to navigate the interface, format and send email, and so much more!

Length: 3 hrs 06 min

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Few things have greater impact on your productivity than the way you employ Microsoft Outlook. Too many people waste time on unnecessary tasks that could be either managed automatically or handled in a fraction of the time – if the Outlook user just knew how to use the proper tools.

Topics covered in this Mastering Outlook 2016 – Basics course:

  • Getting around in the Outlook interface
  • Formatting and Sending Email
  • Managing Incoming Messages
  • Tracking Messages
  • Using Recall & Resend

This course is the first step in Mastering Outlook – once you’ve completed this course you’ll want to continue learning about the Outlook Calendar, Tasks, People, and more in our ADVANCED course.

Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate how to send a new email
  • Identify the buttons on the ribbon.
  • Discuss how to add an attachment to your email
  • Use quick parts
  • Change how text looks by changing formats

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CHAPTER 01: Getting Started with Outlook 2016 24:59
1. Intro to Outlook
2. Working with Email
3. Outlook Help

CHAPTER 02: Formatting Messages 15:15
1. Add Message Recipients
2. Check Spelling and Grammar
3. Formatting Message Content

CHAPTER 03: Working with Attachments and Illustrations 36:57
1. Attach Files and Items
2. Add Illustrations to Messages
3. Message Styles
4. Illustrations in Messages
5. Automatic Message Content

CHAPTER 04: Customizing Message Options 24:12
1. Customizing Reading Options
2. Track Messages
3. Recall and Resend

CHAPTER 05: Organizing Messages 18:07
1. Mark Messages
2. Folders

CHAPTER 06: Working with Contacts 18:24
1. Contacts
2. Manage Contacts

CHAPTER 07: Using the Calendar 34:11
1. View the Calendar
2. Create Appointments
3. Scheduling Meetings, Part 1
4. Scheduling Meetings, Part 2
5. Print the Calendar

CHAPTER 08: Creating Tasks and Notes 14:06
1. Create Tasks
2. Notes

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