Mongo DB: Learn MongoDB from Scratch

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In this Learn MongoDB from Scratch training course, you’ll work on detailed examples that will all fit together to form a complete, working web application that’s fully integrated with MongoDB. Plus, you’ll gain the confidence, knowledge and practice needed to start working on your own MongoDB projects straight away.

Length: 2.5 hrs

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Data is a very popular buzzword in the technology industry right now. As more and more people move their activities online, the data companies and websites collect on them will become even more relevant. And guess what that means? Programmers and developers who know their way around databases – and more importantly, who can actually interpret and build things from them – will be in high demand. MongoDB is one of the most dynamic databases out there, so getting to grips with it sooner rather than later means you’ll stay well ahead of the curve.

Become a MongoDB Master with Learn MongDB from Scratch!

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of MongoDB’s capabilities
  • Learn how MongoDB can be used for web app design, development, testing and more
  • Set up a powerful development environment with an online IDE
  • Explore the impressive MongoDB Aggregation Framework
  • Build a complete web application fully integrated with MongoDB
  • Approach Data in New Exciting Ways

This Learn MongoDB from Scratch online course has been designed for web developers, web designers, web architects, testers, site administrators, and pretty much anyone who already has a working knowledge of web development. Although it’s not vital, knowing how to build web UI components and a familiarity with NoSQL persistence will help. This course is absolutely not limited to developers only, however.

The goal is to provide a solid foundation of MongoDB knowledge. To get you up and running on building your own web apps with MongoDB at their core, and to help you understand the capabilities, functionality and limitations of what this database can do.

You’ll learn how to configure and run MongoDB, start importing data, and then quickly get stuck into creating new databases. You’ll pick up Mongo Query Language commands and dive into one of MongoDB’s most powerful features, the Aggregation Framework. You’ll work through detailed examples to gain an understanding of the various pieces of the puzzle, all the while learning about this database’s scaling, replication, and sharding abilities.

By the end of this course, those examples you’ve been working on will all fit together to form a complete, working web application that’s fully integrated with MongoDB. And not only that, you’ll have the confidence, knowledge and practice needed to start working on your own MongoDB projects straight away.

About MongoDB

MongoDB is an open source database with a document-oriented data model. It differs from a relational database in that instead of storing data in tables and rows, it stores JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas. Because of this, it lends developers the ability to create applications rooted in data in ways they never could before.

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Learn MongoDB from Scratch
1.Introduction to the Course
 Welcome to MongoDB made easy! (0:43)
 How this will go (7:03)
 Our Hands-On Project (1:19)
 Setup Our Tools (11:40)
 Section Recap (0:38)
2.Set Up Our Project
 Section Introduction (0:40)
 Import Data with MongoImport (2:46)
 Use the Mongo Shell (5:33)
 JavaScript in the Mongo Shell (1:41)
 Section Recap (1:23)
3.Start with Queries and Operations
 Section Introduction (1:11)
 Retrieve data with .find() (5:42)
 Create data with .save() & .insert() (3:13)
 Update data with .update() (4:17)
 Deleting data with .remove() (2:42)
 Display User Data in our App (5:58)
 Section Recap (1:00)
4.Model New Entities
 Section Introduction (0:49)
 Rules for Modeling (3:10)
 Simple & Complex Models (2:40)
 Modeling ‘Event’ Data (5:52)
 Modeling ‘Event Registration’ data (5:42)
 Section Recap (0:46)
5.Indexing MongoDB
 Section Introduction (0:42)
 Indexing in MongoDB (2:00)
 Using Indexes (1:26)
 Creating Indexes (3:32)
 Section Recap (0:49)
6.MongoDB Aggregation Framework
 Section Introduction (2:07)
 Aggregation Concepts (1:30)
 Pipeline Stages & Operators (2:25)
 Aggregation in our Project (3:02)
 Use our Aggregated Data (5:25)
 Section Recap (1:40)
7.Replication & Sharding
 Section Introduction (1:25)
 What are Replica Sets (2:09)
 Automated Failover (1:47)
 What is Sharding (1:19)
 Rules for Sharding data (3:38)
 Section Recap (0:55)
8.Our Web App
 Section Introduction (6:07)
 Our Project’s State (4:59)
 Our app.js file (5:14)
 Our Aggregate Queries (2:56)
 Section Recap (3:27)
9.Course Outro
 Section Introduction (3:49)
 Learning Objectives and Project Requirements Review (7:20)
 Where to go from here (4:15)
 Section Recap (1:05)
 Recovering MongoDB in Cloud9 (4:11)

Brett Hooper, Brett is a seasoned software engineer with a 20+ year IT career, which includes Fortune 200 clients and the US Dept. of Defense.

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