Julia Programming Language

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This Julia Programming Language online course will help you get one step ahead of everyone else by learning it fast, and learning it now. Once you understand the fundamentals, you’ll start writing Julia code with the help of real-world examples. Come say “hello” to Julia!

Length: 3 hrs

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This Julia Programming Language online course will take you from complete beginner to intermediate/advanced. Starting at the very beginning, you will be guided through the installation process and the basic functions and features of Julia will be presented to you. Variables, strings, logical operators, arrays, types, dictionaries, loops, list comprehensions, scope, and modules are all covered to give you a thorough footing in the world of Julia. The second half of the course moves into more advanced features. You’ll dive into File IO reading, directories, and learn how to write to files before moving on to meta programming, error handling, and various other more complex features of Julia.


  • Get Ahead of the Coding Curve
  • Write Julia code to intermediate level
  • Perform File IO operations in Julia
  • Understand Julia fundamentals with real world examples
  • Learn one of the most popular new programming languages
  • Learn Julia Fundamentals

Each lesson provides download-able code so you don’t miss a trick and can go back over the material at your leisure. Anyone who has a handle on basic programming concepts will get through this course with flying colors, as will those who are completely new to Julia and programming in general. You don’t need any previous credentials to begin… in fact, all you need is a computer with an internet connection to be on your way to a glittering programming career.

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About Julia

Julia is a high-level, high-performance, dynamic programming language mostly used for technical, numerical and statistical computing. It’s also becoming increasingly popular for general-purpose programming, web use and as a specification language. It combines the powerful performance of C with the prototyping of Python.

The secret to making the big bucks and landing that dream programming job is pretty simple: pick a few key languages and get really, really good at them. Choosing languages that have a solid foundation and a promising future is also a good idea, and Julia fits that bit perfectly.

Course Introduction
Section Introduction
What Is Julia
Installing Julia
Logical Operators
Functions 1
Functions 2
Functions 3
List Comprehensions
Section Introduction
File IO – Reading
File IO Directories
File IO – Writing To Files
Meta Programming And Symbols
Performance Tips
Error Handling 1
Error Handling 2
Multiple Dispatch
Course summary

Brett Romero is a software engineer and entrepreneur. He has started several businesses, including Bitesize Business School, where he writes about applying business principles to the real world and solving technology issues that every online business faces. His first business, Cygen, was a web design consulting business, from which he also created his first product – a JavaScript-based chatroom web application.

Brett has written desktop applications in languages running from Delphi to C# winforms/WPF, as well as built ASP.NET webforms and MVC based applications. When the iOS SDK was first introduced, he bought a Macbook and began building apps for the iPhone. He currently has seven apps in the iTunes App Store.

Brett holds an MBA from ASU (’14). His undergraduate major was in mathematics. Before graduating, he decided to get a business degree. He continued taking mathematics courses at the University of Washington after completing his undergraduate degree.

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