JavaScript Fundamentals

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This JavaScript Fundamentals course is aimed at complete beginners, but is great for those who need a brush up on their JavaScript skills. You will learn the very basics of JavaScript programming, then move on to more complex programming skills. Along the way, you’ll have projects to create using the skills you’ve learned in this course.  Get started understanding and writing JavaScript today!

Length: 5 hrs

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JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world because it’s easy to learn, and it can do amazing things. If you’re interested in web development, it’s also a language that you simply must learn to be effective.

JavaScript Fundamentals Highlights:

  • Introduction to Script Tags, Operators, and Variables
  • Work with Arrays, Objects, Callbacks, and Intervals
  • Use Elements such as DOM, Event Handlers, and Input Fields
  • Bonus Tips including Linting and Minification
  • Source codes are included in the course materials.


Sample clip


JavaScript Fundamentals

1. Introduction to JavaScript
Introduction to JavaScript (5:55)
Script Tags (13:02)
Boxes (7:56)
Console (7:56)
Variables (13:16)
Undefined, typeof, NaN (9:15)
Concatenation (5:59)
Comparison Operators (5:12)
Logical Operators (6:58)
Mathematical Operators (10:01)
Commenting (5:39)

2. Intermediate JavaScript
Arrays (12:45)
Array Prototype (3:45)
Looping Over Arrays (5:56)
Introduction to Objects (8:04)
Creating an Object (9:26)
Dates and Times (3:58)
Intervals (10:41)
Countdown: Example Application (19:21)
Callbacks (10:13)
Callback in Countdown (3:14)

3. Working with JavaScript Elements
DOM Elements (13:43)
Query Selector (15:48)
Event Handlers (13:24)
Input Fields (7:43)
Creating Elements (7:02)
Styling Elements (10:23)

4. Bonus JavaScript Tips
Linting (11:39)
Minification (5:56)

Alex is an experienced programmer and instructor. He believes JavaScript can not only do amazing things, but it is an essential language for being an effective programmer. His main goal is to share his passion to help students both understand and write JavaScript.

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