GarageBand: an Introduction

GarageBand: an Introduction


Total Run Time: 3 hrs

In this tutorial you will learn how easy it is to turn your Mac into a free yet fully featured recording studio, using GarageBand.

Topics Include:

  • An Overview of Garageband
  • Recording a Music Project
  • Recording a Podcast Episode
  • Recording a Movie Score

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Jeff Dykhouse, a veteran audio engineer, gives you tips and tricks for mastering the interface, learning basic recording techniques, arranging a song, recording live instruments/vocals, editing and mixing tracks, adding special effects, podcasting, and distributing your GarageBand compositions via the internet or CD. Apple has released GarageBand 3 as a way for you to inexpensively easily compose, perform and record their own music all you have to do is use this training to unleash its power.

Sample clip

Course Outline

Chapter 1: An Overview of Garageband (94 min)

  1. The Main Window
  2. Transport Controls
  3. The Metronome (Click Track)
  4. Software Instrument Tracks
  5. Real Instrument Tracks
  6. Master Track
  7. Podcast Track
  8. Video Track
  9. The Track Editor
  10. The Loop Browser
  11. The Media Browser
  12. The Track Info Window (including plug-ins)
Chapter 2: Recording A Music Project (42 min)

  1. The New Project Window
  2. Creating New Tracks
  3. Editing & Mixing Tracks
  4. Mastering and Sharing
Chapter 3: Recording A Podcast Episode (25 min)

  1. Creating The Basic Tracks
  2. Editing and Mixing and Sharing the Podcast
  3. Podcast Quality OPartions
Chapter 4: Recording A Movie Score (15 min)

  1. Creating A Movie Score
  2. Sharing The Movie

Presenter Info

Jeff DykhouseJeff Dykhouse has been actively involved in audio engineering for more than 20 years. He has been a user of computer-based recording systems from their inception. Jeff’s diverse career has earned him gold and platinum awards (RIAA). Many of Jeffs endeavors have been within the Praise & Worship genre, where he has worked with top artists such as Paul Baloche, Crystal Lewis, Kevin Prosch and The Violet Burning. Additional clients include corporations such as RCA, Apple Computer, NBC and Charles Schwab. Jeff owns and operates a recording facility and systems design company in Temecula, CA.