InDesign CS3: From QuarkXPress to InDesign CS3

InDesign CS3: From QuarkXPress to InDesign CS3


Total Run Time: 5.8 hrs

The chapters begin with an overview of the InDesign interface including a look at the available menus and shortcuts, then examine the basics to building documents using InDesign.


  1. Learn how easy it is to build a document in InDesign and how much more flexible the program is than QuarkXPress.
  2. Discover the robust styles InDesign offers that can save you time with your document creation
  3. Find out how to use Adobe Bridge in tandem with InDesign to work faster
  4. Learn all about Snippets and Libraries
  5. Understand the flattening process when working with transparency effects
  6. Learn cool techniques to use when working with anchored objects.

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You’ll learn all the necessary steps to working with graphics and type and how to create and apply styles in the InDesign CS3 series. You’ll also learn step by step how to convert a Quark document into an InDesign one and some advanced techniques to enhance that same document using InDesign. The chapters wrap with an in-depth look at some of InDesign’s most popular features including the secrets to using libraries and snippets and how to use transparency correctly to create impressive documents.

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Course Outline


  1. Using Dropdown Menus & the Toolbox
  2. Introducing Panes & Fly-Out Menus
  3. Exploring the Control Panel
  4. Accessing Contextual Menus
  5. Making Changes Using Math & Measurements
  6. Customizing Menus & Workspaces
  7. Using Navigation Shortcuts
  8. Customizing Shortcuts
  9. Working with Unlimited Levels of Undo
  10. Setting Preferences

  1. Creating Presets
  2. Understanding Frame Basics
  3. Placing Graphics & Text
  4. Applying Clipping Paths
  5. Applying Text Wrap
  6. Linking & Embedding Files
  7. Using Fill & Stroke
  8. Using Swatches & Color Panels
  9. Creating Mixed Ink Swatches
  10. Using Guides
  11. Using Grids
  12. Saving in InDesign
Chapter 3: WORKING WITH GRAPHICS (39 min)

  1. Scaling & Fitting Graphics
  2. Adding Multiple Graphics
  3. Working with Different File Formats
  4. Using Bridge®
  5. Working with Anchored Objects
  6. Changing the Display Quality
Chapter 4: WORKING WITH TYPE (35 min)

  1. Formatting Basics
  2. Using Hyphenation
  3. Customizing Ligatures & Glyphs
  4. Working with Drop Caps
  5. Replacing Missing Fonts
  6. Formatting Bullets & Numbering
  7. Inserting Special Characters
  8. Working with Spelling & Auto Correct
  9. Using the Find/Change Command
Chapter 5: CREATING & APPLYING STYLES (41 min)

  1. Introducing Paragraph & Character Styles
  2. Understanding Nested Styles
  3. Applying Next Style
  4. Using Object Styles
  5. Redening a Style
  6. Importing Styles
  7. Using Style Groups
  8. Using Quick Apply

  1. Placing Vector Data
  2. Using Advanced Frames
  3. Working with the Pathnder
  4. Working with Corner Effects
  5. Outlining Type
  6. Using the Eyedropper
  7. Using the Transform Again Functions
  8. Converting Quark® Documents to InDesign
  9. Working with Quark Documents in InDesign

  1. Working with Master Pages
  2. Flowing & Threading Text
  3. Using the Book Feature
  4. Moving Pages
  5. Working with Layers
Chapter 8: USING LIBRARIES & SNIPPETS (22 min)

  1. Adding Page Items
  2. Labeling & Searching
  3. Placing Items
  4. Updating Library Items
  5. Using Snippets

  1. Using Opacity & Blending
  2. Applying Effects
  3. Applying Placed Effects
  4. Understanding Flattening
  5. Final Comments & Credits

Presenter Info

Russell ViersRussell is an Adobe Certified Instructor in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator who specializes in print production. He has been an ambassador for InDesign since its release in 1999. A professional trainer since 1997, Russell has traveled the globe training newspaper and magazine professionals on their software programs. Russell is also a frequent speaker at events, as well as a freelance designer and expert on publishing workflow analysis.