InDesign CS3: Essentials

InDesign CS3: Essentials


Total Run Time: 7.5 hours

Learn how to navigate the interface, work with paragraph, text and character options, how to insert Photoshop, Illustrator and PDF files into your work and create and transform shapes and effects.


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Adam’s combination of real-world design experience, technical expertise, and training background make him an ideal InDesign CS3 software guide. In Part 1, he shows you how to navigate the new Adobe InDesign CS3 interface as well as all the paragraph, text, and character options available. In Part 2 you’ll learn how to insert Photoshop, Illustrator and PDF files into your work and how to create and transform shapes and effects. Plus, you’ll learn necessary skills for using color, working with layers, and preparing your designs for final output.

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Course Outline

Part 01

L01 Quickstart Tour of InDesign CS3

L02 Customizing the Interface

L03 Adjusting Application Preferences

L04 Working with Documents

L05 Navigating InDesign Documents

L06 Using Guides & Grids

L07 Adding Text to Your Layouts

L08 Character Formatting Options

L09 Paragraph Formatting Options

L10 Formatting Text with Styles

L11 Designing with Tabs & Tables

Part 02

L01 Placing Photoshop Files

L02 Placing Illustrator® & InDesign® Files

L03 Working with Shapes & Text Wrap

L04 Working with Color & Swatches

L05 Working with Layers

L06 Effects & Transparency

L07 Introducing Object Styles

L08 Preflight, Print & PDF

Presenter Info

Adam Pratt

Adam Pratt joined Adobe Systems in 2000 and is currently a Senior Systems Engineer working with all of the Creative Suite Products, including InCopy and InDesign. He consults with creative professional customers regarding their publishing workflows and helps ensure a smooth transition to InDesign and the Creative Suite.

Adam is an Adobe Certified Expert in every application in the Creative Suite and a Certified Print Specialist, as well as a Certified Web Specialist. He was also the world’s first Creative Suite Master for CS1 and CS2.

Adam recently finished co-authoring his fifth book, “The Adobe InCopy CS2 Book” for Adobe Press, frequently tech edits books for several publishers, and occasionally writes for a few design-related magazines. You might have seen him present at industry seminars and conferences including the HOW Design Conference, MacWorld, MacDesign, Creative Suite Conference, and the ADIM Conference.

Before joining Adobe, Adam spent several years in the graphic design industry in a variety of design, production, and project management roles. His experience includes newspaper, book, Web, and multimedia publishing. He also founded one of the first Adobe Certified Training programs in the US. It’s this combination of his real world design experience, technical expertise, and training background that makes Adam such an effective trainer and software guide.