InDesign CC – Getting Started


Learn to create elegant desktop and mobile layouts with this InDesign CC – Getting Started training course! This is the perfect course for beginners who want to get acquainted with Adobe InDesign – the premiere page layout application used in modern desktop publishing.

Length: 2.5 hrs

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In this easy to follow, hands-on InDesign CC – Getting Started course, veteran software trainer Geoff Blake will introduce you to InDesign, and get you up to speed quickly.

First, you’ll discover the InDesign interface and learn how to navigate through document layouts quickly. Then, you’ll see how to set up your documents, including how layouts need to be set for commercial reproduction. Next, it’s on to handling text, text frames, and how to thread text frames together. Then, you’ll see how to work with a variety of shapes, mix new colors, and import graphics into your layouts. Finally, you’ll see how to convert your layouts to static images and PDF documents for sharing with co-workers.

All this and more awaits, so let’s get started!

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Getting Started with InDesign CC

1. Introduction
Welcome (1:20)

2. The InDesign Environment
Touring the Interface (10:25)
Zooming, Navigating And Getting Around (6:29)
A Quick Note On Display Performance (3:46)
Creating Custom Workspaces (6:46)

3. Working With Documents
Creating New Documents (7:14)
Setting Up Multiple Columns (4:06)
Setting Your Document Up For Offset Printing (9:24)
Using Rulers And Guides (5:26)
InDesign’s Preview Mode (3:58)
Inserting, Deleting, And Rearranging Pages (3:11)

4. Handling Text In InDesign
Creating Text Frames & Importing Text (6:08)
Adjusting Text Frames (7:32)
Setting Text Frame Options (4:20)
Threading Text Frames (9:35)
Basic Text Formatting (9:31)
Advanced Text Formatting (7:29)

5. Working With Shapes, Colors & Graphics
Creating Shapes And Working With Color (8:29)
Applying Strokes To Shapes (4:10)
Managing Objects In Your Layout (5:23)
Inserting Images Into Your Layout (10:05)
Fitting Graphics Within Frames (5:21)

6. Saving & Exporting Your Work
Saving And Exporting Layouts (4:23)
Exporting Your Work As A PDF (4:50)

Geoff BlakeGeoff Blake is an award-winning instructor with nearly 20 years of experience creating online video courses. His goal is to help people gain serious web skills, helping them to expand their business, develop their projects, and yeah – make more money!

Geoff is a published author, having written ‘Ten Ton Dreamweaver’ with Peachpit Press. He also held a professorship at Seneca college, and ran graphics workshops at George Brown and Humber colleges in Toronto.

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