InCopy CS2

InCopy CS2


Total Run Time: 6 hrs

Discover how InCopy can help you streamline design projects by allowing editors to work on parts of pages, spreads, or an entire document in parallel with designers.


  • Bring your editorial process to a new level of efficiency with the knowledge of a seasoned professional.
  • Learn how to create assignments, track changes, and insert tables from Excel or Word.
  • Understand how the LiveEdit Workflow is designed to prevent conflicts.

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In this Adobe InCopy CS2 training series, the presenter, Adam Pratt, is an Adobe Certified Expert in every application in the Creative Suite as well as a Certified Print Specialist and a Certified Web Specialist. He teaches you how to create assignments and track changes, and then demonstrates a LiveEdit workflow.

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Course outline

Disc 1 – InCopy for Writers & Editors


  1. Working with InCopy & InDesign Simultaneously
  2. Checking Out & Editing a Story inside InCopy
  3. Introducing the InCopy Interface & Tools
  4. Setting Up a Workspace & Palette Options
  5. Using the Navigation Tools & Inserting Markers
  6. Display Performances & Screen Modes
  7. Customizing the Galley & Story Views
  8. Setting Keyboard Shortcuts & Looking at Preferences
Chapter 2: GETTING STARTED (21 min)

  1. Creating New User Names, Documents & Presets
  2. Importing Non-native Documents into InCopy
  3. Placing Non-native Documents into InCopy
  4. Understanding the Enable Track Changes Button
Chapter 3: EDITING TEXT (16 min)

  1. Using the Drag & Drop Text Feature
  2. Rearranging Text & Using the Change Case Options
  3. Inserting Special Characters
  4. Showing Hidden Characters & Transposing Characters
  5. Setting Up Tabs in the Tabs Palette
  6. Aligning & Deleting Tabs, Adding a Leader

  1. Applying Fonts with the Character Palette
  2. Font Properties & Hanging Punctuation
  3. Exploring Previously Applied Styles
  4. Applying Styles to the Text
  5. Applying Multiple Styles with the Next Style Feature
  6. Grouping Styles via Nested Styles
  7. Solving the Manual Override Issue
  8. Loading Styles from Other Documents & Tidying Up
Chapter 5: TEXT AUTOMATION (19 min)

  1. Using the Check Spelling Command
  2. Enabling & Controlling Dynamic Spelling
  3. Customizing the Dictionary & Languages
  4. Using Auto Correct & Text Macros
  5. Using the Find/Change Command
  6. Substituting Words with the Thesaurus
Chapter 6: WORKING WITH TABLES (13 min)

  1. Converting, Creating & Importing Tables
  2. Selecting, Resizing & Adding Table Cells
  3. Merging Cells & Other Table Options
  4. Working with Tables in the Galley & Story Views
Chapter 7: WORKING WITH FOOTNOTES (09 min)

  1. Editing & Creating Footnotes
  2. Using the Footnote Options Dialog Box
  3. Considering Footnotes in Copyfit Calculations
Chapter 8: PLACING IMAGES (09 min)

  1. Introduction to Placing Images & Checking Out
  2. Object Fitting Options
  3. Object Transform Options & Checking In

  1. Views, Preferences & Notes
  2. Creating & Organizing Notes
  3. Utilizing Tool Tips & the Notes Palette
  4. Working in Notes Mode
  5. Tracking Changes
  6. The Change Info Palette & Saving a Workspace
  7. Hiding, Accepting & Rejecting Changes
  8. Exploring Print Options
  9. Exporting to PDF & Other Common File Formats
  10. Final Comments

Disc 2 – InCopy for InDesign® Users


  1. Locating & Installing the LiveEdit Plug-ins
  2. Specifying the User Designation
  3. Added Features Due to the LiveEdit Plug-ins
Chapter 2: EXPORTING CONTENT (23 min)

  1. Exporting Story Frames from InDesign
  2. Exporting Graphic Frames from InDesign
  3. How InDesign Links Content to Frames
  4. Exporting Unassigned Frames from InDesign
  5. Exporting Multiple Frame Types Simultaneously
  6. Viewing the Layout of Frame Content in InCopy
Chapter 3: CREATING ASSIGNMENTS (23 min)

  1. Introducing Assignments
  2. Creating a New Assignment in InDesign
  3. Adding Content to an Assignment & Updating
  4. Reassigning Stories & Deleting Assignments
  5. Opening Assignments in InCopy
  6. Recovering Missing or Deleted Assignments

  1. Adding Notes Using the Note Tool
  2. Edit Notes with the Notes Menu & Notes Palette
  3. Using the Notes Mode Feature
  4. Sharing Notes between InCopy & InDesign
  5. Finalizing & Removing Notes
  6. Final Comments

Disc 3 – Understanding LiveEdit Workflow

Chapter 1: USING CHECK IN & CHECK OUT (14 min)

  1. Checking Out a Document in InDesign®
  2. Checking Out, Editing Stories & Saving Content
  3. The Check In All & Cancel Check Out Commands
  4. Recover a Checked Out File with the Unlink Command
Chapter 2: MANAGING UPDATES (24 min)

  1. The Available Frame Adornment Icon
  2. The Checked Out Frame Adornment Icon
  3. The Out of Date Frame Adornment Icon
  4. Understanding & Fixing a Broken Story Link
  5. Manage Updates between InCopy & InDesign
  6. Using the Assignments Palette to Update Stories
Chapter 3: CALCULATING COPYFIT (19 min)

  1. Identifying Overset Text in InDesign
  2. Identifying Overset Text in InCopy
  3. Editing Copy to Make it Fit
  4. Using the Copyfit Info Toolbar
  5. Customizing Copyfit Info Preferences
Chapter 4: EXAMPLE WORKFLOWS (50 min)

  1. Creating a Multi-page Story Filled with Placeholder Text
  2. Working in Stand Alone Mode
  3. Placing an InCopy Story into an InDesign Template
  4. Looking at an InDesign Layout
  5. Exporting InCopy Stories as New Assignments
  6. Create & Export Additional Assignments & Stories
  7. Opening an InDesign Assignment in InCopy
  8. Addressing Copyfit Issues
  9. Working through Various Assignments
  10. Updating the Adjusted Assignments
  11. Final Comments & Credits

Presenter Info

Adam PrattAdam Pratt joined Adobe Systems in 2000 and is currently a Senior Systems Engineer working with all of the Creative Suite Products, including InCopy and InDesign. He consults with creative professional customers regarding their publishing workflows and helps ensure a smooth transition to InDesign and the Creative Suite.

Adam is an Adobe Certified Expert in every application in the Creative Suite and a Certified Print Specialist, as well as a Certified Web Specialist. He was also the world’s first Creative Suite Master for CS1 and CS2.

Adam recently finished co-authoring his fifth book, “The Adobe InCopy CS2 Book” for Adobe Press, frequently tech edits books for several publishers, and occasionally writes for a few design-related magazines. You might have seen him present at industry seminars and conferences including the HOW Design Conference, MacWorld, MacDesign, Creative Suite Conference, and the ADIM Conference.

Before joining Adobe, Adam spent several years in the graphic design industry in a variety of design, production, and project management roles. His experience includes newspaper, book, Web, and multimedia publishing. He also founded one of the first Adobe Certified Training programs in the US. It’s this combination of his real world design experience, technical expertise, and training background that makes Adam such an effective trainer and software guide.